Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Sterling Cat Update

Thanks to everyone for their advice a few weeks ago about our resident troublemaker, Mr. Sterling J. Stewart III. I believe it was either Chickie or Moi who suggested getting in contact with a cat whisperer, or really a cat behavioralist. Not that I did such a thing, but I did do some research on cat behavior online.

Our problems might be appearing due to Sterling being a hyper-sensitive middle cat who thinks he doesn't get enough attention or power. And not that we hadn't already diagnosed him with these attributes, but the articles I read said that instead of scolding him when in trouble, that is when he needs loving the most. So we've been going overboard on showering him with affection. To the point where the other two cats look at us like we have lost our dang minds and are starting to feel left out.

When I say Sterling is an insecure boy, I mean it. You can't give him enough attention for his satisfaction. But ... the plan appears to be working so far!~ Have seen him "marking" his territory outside but haven't seen it inside since we developed the "smother with affection" plan.

So he doesn't have to go be a barn cat somewhere else .... yet.

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chickory said...

i am thrilled! we have the same problem here. since we got Koby, Trout has been in agressive mode. I think she is trying to prove her worthiness as a watchdog...that shes hip to things Koby doesnt notice.
I am trying to show Trout the big love, and when i go back to chickory monday i will take trout by herself.

i am really glad about sterling. he is such a beautiful cat and deserves to be secure in his knowledge that he is in his forever home.

well done, pam. bravo.

chickory said...
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Pam said...

Chickie: It is like raising kids, I swear! The inter-personal relationship of our pets ... it's enough to wear you out. I hope Trout settles in with Koby. Have always heard that two dogs are easier than one? Evidently not! Maybe Trout is guarding YOU from Koby? Sterling is doing okay, the needy sod, hopefully things will stay that way!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Good job guys, I was upset that you might turn poor Sterling out and into a chilly barn.

This makes total sense - as you know Cal-Jo is a middle child too and we have had issues as well. She has never tried to mark, but then she is female, but she is by far the most temperamental and likely to have a hissy fit. For ages she would not let us hold her etc, so we did as you are and just showered her with affection.

Well a year later she is a totally different kitty, now THE most affectionate and sensitive too. We have won her over, but every now and then she still has a 'middle child' insecurity attack, but interestingly we also think she's the one who'd miss us the most!

Hang in there and well done.

Pam said...

Sarah, it would have broken our hearts to re-home him, but some things just can't live with. Interesting that you did the same with Cal-Jo. But I think Sterling will always be an insecure middle cat with issues.

moi said...

Oh, Pam, I have been thinking about you every day while here. Miami Beach is home to a large population of feral kitties. People feed them, of course, but I'm not sure if there's been any effort to round them up and spay/neuter/release. Although, I haven't seen any kittens.

Anyway, my morning runs are an exercise in kitty dodging! One of those cats resides here at the hotel – a big ol' gruff-faced Tom with a squat head and suspicious eyes that sleeps just off the steps. I took a photo of him yesterday that I'll send to you. His markings remind me of Sterling.

Boxer said...

Mickey became MORE aggressive after Coco came so we've been doing the "big love" thing with him. He likes to hear his name, so I say "Mickey's a good boy" about a 100 times a day. Mr. Boxer, who has SCARS thanks to Mickey says "really, I don't think so."

Yay! For Sterling. I know you love your boy and didn't want him to leave. It's hard being the middle child. I was one.It was hard. *sniff*

Pam said...

Moi, I received the photo (yes I check work e-mail from the house, more fool me) .... thanks so much! He DOES look like Sterling. A street wise Sterling, which my boy will never be.

Boxie: Would Mickey have caused scars anyway? I hear that about chihuahuas!!! Might have had a run-in with one in my past as well!~ But Mickey IS a good bye. I'll even say so on the blog!