Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haiku Thursday – Dream Spots to Travel


Tuscan villages;

Old Sorrento by the sea;

Italy my dream.


moi said...


* * *

SPF coated
sand abraded, pink drink drunk
heaven is a beach

Buzz Kill said...

I've been to Italy and Florence but never got to see the Tuscany region or coast. I like the village/beach picture.

I was hoping Moi would have a visual of her slathered up on a beach somewhere with a Corona. My imagination will have to do.

I have a Visual Haiku over at the Buzzkill.

Boxer said...

You're like the Everready Bunny, aren't you? A.I. post, Haiku, etc.....

I like the combo.

fishy said...

You will love this dream come true!
Tuscany might just be one of those rare places which is even better than the dream.

Destination Haiku:

Dad, "Europe's Sewer"
Mom, " Prettiest place on Earth"
See Venice myself!

Visual Up!

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Maybe a good time to go, the euro is down and none of us are getting any younger. I will visit Tuscany someday. My father inlaw's people are from there. They absolutely loved their last visit there.

Sorry that I didn't get a visual up.

Next Orkney Scotland
Where water is clear and cold
The beer dark and warm

fishy said...

Uh-Oh to Karl,
I like my beer clear and cold once I come out
of the deep, dark, warm waters.

I see Moi's haiku inspired Buzz's visuals.

Milk River Madman said...

Love it Pam. Was on the road yesterday and had golf league last night so I was out of action. I'll be back next week though.

Pam said...

Everyone: Thanks for participating! Just been too busy to get around to everyone's pages ... hope all is calm for next time around.