Thursday, May 13, 2010

HAIKU THURSDAY -- I shall carry on

I shall carry on
with Haiku Thursday because
it's now in my soul.

I shall carry on
with little verses that mean
nought to none but me.

I shall carry on
with hopes that others will join
me in Haiku-land.

I shall carry on
with Haiku Thursday to wish
Godspeed to Mr. Troll.


Buzz Kill said...

Under a bridge there
lurked a gub'ment watchdog whose
Ghost still haunts us all.

Pam said...

Buzzy! Very good! Thanks for joining in!

Milk River Madman said...

Somehow Troll found me
Introduced me to new friends
and let me haiku

Pam carries the torch
For the under bridge dweller
He is in shadow

I shall carry on
Haiku Thursday is awesome
Who won last Thursday

Pam, our computer tech guy was updating my PC today and as I was waiting for him I thought, "I think I'll haiku for CT." Glad you got the ball rolling.

Boxer said...

I never did one
But Pam now carries the torch
Army dogs get their cash

moi said...

Said all that I want
To say on today's blog post
White orchid turned blue.

fishy said...

Missing Haiku Lord
Galloped into the unknown
Where IS that thorned bat?

Blog anxiety
Haiku Master gone fishing
Community grieves

Five, Seven, Five count
A new fun game for bloggers
Still miss Mute Mondays

The Troll searches afar
Seeking soul's comfort anew
Yet we are all here

Never abandoned by Troll
Our heartsong is LOUD

fishy said...

That fourth one should be:

Troll searches afar
Seeking soul's comfort anew
Yet we are all HERE !

Pam said...

Milky: Great job from you too. Thanks for all the entries.

Boxie: I think you will have to choose the winners because I hadn't thought that far in advance about the project!

Moi: Powerful video, I thought.

Fishy: Great entries; that last one I love especially.

chickory said...

never forgotten
gruff and tender together
loyal friend always

chickory said...

brave evangelist
true north never wavering
solid as a rock

partner come back
spar with me again or lets
tag team on the libs

chickory said...

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

Glad to see you pick up Haiku Thursday.

A vanishing Troll
His wanted poster hanging
250 Troll point reward

Pam said...

Oh man, between Fishy, Chickie and Karl, I'm not sure I can pick a winner. The Troll Point reference is so cool, but the unhappy faces in 5-7-5 format is dynamite.

Let's vote in a democratic system -- which means if I can't talk Boxie into selecting a winner -- we vote on which ones we like best each week?

Boxer said...

I'd be honored!

But you know what? I love them all. Buzz's "lurked a gub'ment watchdog whose" is a great line.

Milkman's "Somehow Troll found me" is a lovely nod (and btw, I think J.Cake won last week.)

Moi's "white orchid turned blue".. brilliant.

ALL of Fishy's are perfect, her Secretariat one is a nice inclusion of a horse I grew to love.

Chickory's break my heart, especially this:

"partner come back
spar with me again or lets
tag team on the libs"

Karl adding "250 Troll Points" gave me a pang. :-( I never knew how many I really had.

and lastly, Pam, our lovely host, this is so lovely:

"I shall carry on
with Haiku Thursday to wish
Godspeed to Mr. Troll."

So... I don't think there can be one winner this week - you're all good, loyal friends and I say EVERYONE wins this week and next week we'll have a true winner.

Name the theme Ms. Pam! The Military Dogs will get their donation and we will all carry on.

Pam said...

Thanks Boxiebabe! Much appreciated. Okay! Theme for next week's Haiku Thursday .... something I am hoping for soon ----

fishy said...

Great job Pam and Boxer!
I think TROLL is our winner as he is the recipient of so much fine blogger love. Not to mention the subject matter of so many really good haikus.

I did LOL at unsmiley faces and
"his wanted poster hanging",

twinged a bit ,
"I shall carry on"
"true North never wavering".

I never did a Haiku until Troll taught me how.

Why must I feel so bleak?
I never shook his big hand,
Bridges should unite.

Kymical Reactions said...

I just got a little teary eyed. :(

Why do we miss our grumpy ole troll?

moi said...

I don't think we can pick a winner because to me these haiku are all of one piece: a memorial. And I'd have to take myself out of the running, besides. The last line of mine is from the White Strips song I posted. The images and song lyrics express perfectly how I feel about Troll disappearing into thin air without saying goodbye.