Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haiku Thursday - Vacation

Almost forgot ... but it is Haiku Thursday!  Join in and let's keep it going a while longer!

Hop a plane and fly;
distant lands are calling me.
Ready for work break!


Buzz Kill said...

I don't do vacation well.

Pack up cars, whiny kids
Vacation is too much work!
Can we stay at home?

chickory said...

beware the silver
petri dish of infection
take the car instead

Kymical Reactions said...

Ready to tackle
Mountain Trails to Fly Fishing.
Colorado calls...

Kymical Reactions said...

Haiku's are pointless,
Because I spend the whole time
counting syllables.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

In this big blue world
Where so much is under the sea
Busman’s holiday

moi said...

Wow, these are great! Total bwahahahaha to Buzz and Chickory.

This weeks:

Perfect turn of phrase,
Elegant tone, pace, and pitch
Lost in space, brain dead.

Aunty Belle said...

y'all are the BEST!

In ole Florida
airboatin' over everglades
in search of Troll lair

fishy said...

Can anyone best Aunty's haiku?
Probably not, it has my vote for sure

Bosphorus calling
Ancient Yalli offering
Aesthetic comfort

Vacationing Troll
Where are the postcards to friends?
Bikinis distract

Rush to distant loves
Hugs, smiles, excitement, joy, bliss
Cry all the way home

Milk River Madman said...

I can't compete with any of those.

Line from a movie in Haiku format.

"Last years vacation
was me working just two jobs
instead of all three"

Boxer said...

do you still want me to be the judge? 'Cuz it isn't going to be easy.

fishy said...

Chickory has a new avatar!

Come on by the Pond, I did a visual to go with my Vacation haiku. I have an idea about combining the haiku and Mute Monday games ;-)

Pam said...

Everyone, these are all great! And yes Boxie, you judge please! There are still a few nods to Troll this week, much appreciated everyone!

Boxer said...

I really shouldn't be the judge, because I never get the counting correct (Kymmie is right!) and this was Troll's job and he did it well.

That said, my pick for this week's winner came from my initial response to the words and that would make the winner:


Bwahahahaha. Vacations are a ton of work and I always come home needing a vacation froma vacation.

However, Chickory was a close second with her "Petri dish of infection" and Aunty's description of her part of the world made me want to hop a plane and land on her front porch. Moi's fried brain actually kicked out a good one this week and Fishy's "Bikinis distract" made me snort coffee.

Pammy? I love this: "Hop a plane and fly".

Karl's just make him that more interesting and I vote he needs to start posting more about what he does for a living.

MRM's is ANOTHER reason I rarely go on vacation because it's so hard to return home broke and tired.

Lastly, Kym's "Ready to tackle" and the using "fly fishing" in the next line is ding-dang good for a kid who can't count.

This was fun! I look forward to next week and the Military Dogs will be getting a little "cha-ching" this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

fishy said...

Congratulations Buzz !
I am always smiling after I read your haikus, just love your
sang-froid regarding vacations.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Pam said...

Congrats Buzzy! I loved your verse too. Yours and MRM's have defined my life at various times. Woof woof to the military dogs!

Pam said...

BTW - fishy, how are we gonna go about combining the visual and the haiku? We can announce a theme here, and then (instead of Mute Monday) on Haiku Thursday do a visual image to go with our haiku on our own pages? And call it "Visual Haiku Thursday"?

Milk River Madman said...

Good on ya Buzz! Pam, love the visual idea.

fishy said...

Come on by the Pond. I have posted my thoughts on how the expanded
Visual Haiku Thursdays can be done.
All feed back is good as this group always has ideas. I am so excited we might do this. I think many miss the Mute Monday game and not everyone writes Haikus. Using the weekly theme for either or both gives everyone a chance to participate.
Also, to borrow Moi's terminology,
it's a nice "memorial" to the fun introduced by Troll.

Buzz Kill said...

I forgot to come back and check the Haikus today. I can't believe I won over Chickies' and Madman's (those were my favorites - the fatalist in me I guess) but all gave me different perspectives on how you all vacation. The Mrs is actually planning the family vacation as we speak. At least we're staying in the country this year.

I'm all for Fishy's idea of a visual Haiku (I'm starting to miss mute monday). Looking forward to next week.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Congratulations Buzz! A well earned win and your eloquence describing the situation is admirable.

@Chickory, yours describes my feeling every time, I get on an airplane.

Pam said...

Milky: I think it is do-able on the visual/haiku idea .... should we change to Mondays instead?

Fishy: It is a great idea and I stopped by and left some other thoughts on your page.

Karl: Glad you are willing to participate :) And what do you do on that boat?

moi said...

Congrats, Buzz!

chickory said...

yay buzz! :-)