Sunday, May 23, 2010


Just taking a straw poll here .... Haiku Thursday with visuals or move it to Monday because, well,  we all miss Mute Monday????  Anyone, anyone?   The ***plan*** is to write your haiku here on my page and also announce that you are "up" in case you have a visual to add as well.  For all you syllable-challenged folks.

Meanwhile:  Upcoming themes.  Here's what I've been thinking so far.  This will take us through most June and if it takes between Monday and Thursday to get our posts up, that is fine with me too.

This week:   Your dream place to visit  -- continuing the vacation theme, that is --- where do you wish you could visit?  What place is on your bucket list?  Where have you been that you can't wait to get back to see again?   That kind of thing ...

Next week (Memorial day weekend):  Veterans.   WWII or Viet Nam or Civil War, for that matter.  Let's talk about what this day ***really*** means.

Week after that:   Summer Starts!   What does summer mean for you?  Mowing?  Sunbathing?  Let's hear it in a haiku and see it in a visual.

The week after that:   Flag Day.  It is an important day in my family for a completely unrelated reason.  What haiku can you do relating to flags?

The week after THAT!~   Summer Nights.   Oooooooh, those summer niiiiiiggghhhhtttsss!  How about a little verse on what you like best about a summer evening.  Not just summer.  But a summer EVENING. 


carmar76 said...

I love haiku, but they confuse me to write. : )

And what happened to mute mondays?

knk said...

hi pam this is wonderful post i love them all they are really cool i like this blog

Buzz Kill said...

If you're asking - I prefer Thursday. But you're the hostess, so what you say goes. But I'm guessing this weeks will be Thursday, correct? Otherwise I may not make it today.

Thanks for hostessing and taking the trouble to long-range plan this post (a woman that plans - who'da thought?).

Pam said...

Carmy: Mute Monday went on hiatus when Troll decided he needed a break for a while. Then he disappeared on us totally! We're hoping he will re-emerge into blog world one day!

KNK: Join in!

Buzzy: You know, as busy as everyone is these days ... I'm thinking if it is "haiku of the week" (same with the visual) ...we'd all have time to participate. What do you think? On the plans -- Yep, it is a curse. All those personality/ aptitude tests tell me the same thing: Long-Range Planner. It is a source of stress.

fishy said...

Love the timeliness of your proposed themes. I am good with Mondays or Thursdays. If I had to choose, it would be Monday, for all the reasons you stated and because ... what a fun way to start the business week!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

I'm with Buzz, Thursdays would be a little easier. You're the host, so you should call the ball.

Thanks for having us!

moi said...

Another vote for Thursdays, but as hostess with the mostest, you have the ultimate say. I'll be fine regardless.