Saturday, May 08, 2010

The House Next Door and Cat Update

Here’s how the construction looked a few days ago. 


Building inspector Lewis on duty, thank you very much.

This is how it looks today:  By noon, this much framing had been done.


The ****local*** builders were pouring concrete and smoothing it out until about 11PM last night.  This morning, 6:30 a.m., we awoke to more machinery.  Yours truly was NOT happy.  I work and pay taxes for the right to sleep in on Saturday mornings.   No wonder the foundation guys were working so late – who knew the framers would arrive at the butt-crack of dawn?  With their electric hammers and mariachi music?  I swore that I was going to follow them home and blast some good old fashioned PUNK music at them at 2AM.   I’m sure they are bound to live nearish-by.  Much like my other protesting neighbor and more on him below.


Lewis is severely depressed over the loss of his mouse-hunting grounds.  Good thing he has a towel to lay on to help absorb the depths of his despair. 


Seriously, I think he has been crying.  Those look like real tears to me.  Meanwhile: 



Sterling voices his disapproval of the goings-on.


But watches through the window with interest.


Meanwhile, down the road a piece, the protesting neighbor is still at it – claiming he is putting in a hog farm on his property.

New additions to his property:  More crates with mottos. 

Such as:  Hogs Make Better Neighbors …. (this would be SO true if you lived close to him, luckily we have some distance). 

And:  Multiple Bankruptcy Sty (my personal favorite)

Also: Muzzle the Bitch, Bitch.

And this gem:  Calling me names makes you look more shrewish.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.  I’ve taken to driving by every couple of days because I don’t want to miss any upcoming drama!


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Boy it's never a dull; day in your neck of the woods is it! I couldn't agree more on the punk option btw!

Aunty Belle said...

interestin' neighborhood ya live in,heh.

Yore kitties are so tame--they let ya snap their purrrrty faces that close?

sorry for yore fatigue, the early workers and aggravation.

keep hopin' Troll will surface--that it's jes some computer glitch.

Happy Mother's Day Pam! Yore Kymmie is precious production mah dear!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Building on concrete that's less than 24 hours old is asking for trouble. Unless it's a special mix, no load should be applied for a minimum of 48 HRS, 7 days is better. Don't be surprised if that foundation doesn't crack. By the way, that house is huge.

Hope you enjoyed your mother's day.

moi said...

Blast that punk! I live in a neighborhood that has slowly become built up over the years, with construction going on 24/7 in the hills above our house. I have no idea why, given all the other gubmint rules and regulations floating around these days, they can't make a SENSIBLE ONE. Like, no work before 8am or after 6pm on the weekends.

Sorry your cats are losing their romping grounds. It's a fine line, wanting a place all to yourself and yet realizing others have the right to be there, too.

Doom said...

Yes, no, up, down, and crossways. So long as it stays civil and you find a means of making up the lost sleep, it actually sounds fun in that it gives you something new and interesting for a bit. I love the way you and your masters (the cats) tell the story. Ha!