Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I have a problem with this …

First it was this from Monsters vs. Aliens, and I did a post about it at some point in time, but I’m not gonna go back and find it to link here.  Blue blob, one eye, and yes it reminds me of a you-know-what.


Then, there’s this guy.  It took me forever to figure out he is a character in a children’s show called Yo Gabba Gabba.  His name is “Muno”.  Why?  I don’t know.  But he reminds me of a bumpy you-know-what.  


And I love this commercial he stars in as much as the next person loves it – Sock Monkey getting the tattoo of “Mom” on his arm cracks me up every time ….

Let’s talk about it for a second.  Who is the tallest of the toys?  Who is poking through the sunroof in Vegas?   And then…. and then …. when they return to real life and they are just “toys” in the backseat of the car …. you guessed it … “Muno” is now in the other toy’s lap, strategically placed perhaps????   It’s downright and beyond phallic, you know it is!

But now …. now …. let me introduce you to the “MASCOTS” for the Summer Olympics in London for 2012 …????  WTH?????   And I do MEAN, What The H*ll!


They are named Wenlock and Mandeville.  One for the Olympics and one for the Para-olympics (Stoke Mandeville being the name of the hospital where severe spinal injuries are treated in the UK – and one little problem yours truly may or may not have had while visiting one year).  Okay, so the “one eye” is officially a “lens” and is a nod to the digital age.  I say the nod to the digital age is what dirty old men are broadcasting through their digicams.

Now, I’m not one to really believe that Disney is indoctrinating our kids (even though I have seen those videos to the contrary).  And I’m not one to be overly prudish and really, sort of pride myself on being a fairly free thinker.  But, seriously?  And I mean, really? 

How many one-eyed monsters geared for “kids” does this world need?  There is indoctrination going on and it is a little pedophilic seeming to me.

Anyone?  Anyone?  Snark away.


carmar76 said...

I'm amused and creeped out at the same time...

Milk River Madman said...

Great post Pam. Almost reminds me of the scenes in the Austin Power movies where they are looking at the "rocket ship" and making all of the slang references for a man's wedding tackle.

Aunty Belle said...

MRM. "wedding tackle"??? hilarious.

Pam I is one hunnert percent on yore page.

Check this out--kiddie stuff in last 3 min.!

PamOKC, ya doan need to be a prude to see that thangs is gone beyond any pretense at decency when kids is bombarded by cartoon makes, candy companies and toy makers--revolting, criminal, perverted.

An folks wonder why kids is highest fastest growing category of STDs? doan get me started---grrrrr!

Boxer said...

it's freaky. I concur.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

OMG LMAO I so agree with your observations! That MvsA thing is a total joke, I mean c'mon, who doesn't see a dick?!!

And yes that would be a big pink knobbly thing that needs batteries!

As for those mascots, with all our history, I am speechless!!!

Pam said...

Carmy: Creeped out would be me.

Milky: I loved those scenes! You are exactly right, that's what this is!

Auntie: Thanks for the link, I'll have a look this weekend.

Boxie: Beyond freaky

Sarah: OMG! What was wrong with a knight on horseback and a damsel? What was wrong with Robin Hood? What was wrong with a generic king and queen? What was wrong with Rose or Thistle? NOTHING! This is beyond nonsense to me. Now they have extremely white appendages that need a little time in the sun ;) grrhahaha