Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend and My Life Lately

Has been crazy.  Work has finally gotten through the busy season and my life should be my own again soon.


Today was an appointment for cute summer hair.  Then late lunch with the cousins.  Because we are too old now to do dinners.  It is now “Cousins’ Late Lunch” instead of “Cousins’ Night Out.”   And found out that cousin Phil is going to be a grandpa again.  So that makes 3 babies on the way in the cousin kids, with one wedding coming up soon as well.  Not in the pic is Sister Carole and hubby John.  I’m trying to learn this new little point-and-shoot and, I have to admit, I’m not getting along with this camera very well.  I bought the updated version of a camera that I loved, a little Panasonic Lumix.  Am not impressed with the quality of pics off this upgrade.  Sometimes newer is not better.  Shame the old one died, it was in my hands constantly for years.  This is just not a good pic above.  I’m really disappointed.

This evening, we did the Memorial Day run to the gravesites of the relatives.  Put out some flowers and dusted off the name plates, that kind of thing.  Carole had already been out on the same run before lunch above.


Last week, we had a quick trip up to Wichita and stayed with Dave, a Brit that used to work with John, and his wife Jan.  Had a lovely time around their house and thank them very much for putting us up and putting up with us.  What I should have taken a pic of is their garden, which is incredible.


We were there to attend this get-together so John could visit with the man on the left, “Nobby” --  one of his old supervisors from back in the U.K.  Not everyone in this pic is a Brit, but most are. Nobby still lives over the pond, but …


Nobby’s son Derek (left) lives in Wichita with the gaggle of Brits who are there.  In the background is Bob, another of the Brits, and John has known him for ages.  He remembers going to “wet the baby’s head” when Bob’s first son was born (meaning a toast ‘round the pub in honor of the new dad and baby).  Of course, that son has now graduated college this year!  Time flies.  Bob is married to Karen, who had this CUTE haircut …. and inspired my summer hair.


So I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Don’t forget that “Veterans” / Memorial Day is the theme for Haiku Thursday!


carmar76 said...

Isn't it awesome to spend time with family?? : )

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Looks like fun times with friends and family, have a great holiday w/end.

Sorry about the camera, you know if you had gone for a Canon Powershot like mine, you'd have been happy! ;-)

P.S I ordered my dream new DSLR on Thursday the Canon T2i, I am desperately awaiting UPS on Tuesday now! It's so in demand the price literally fluctuates daily on the very few websites that have stock. Even Canon currently has none to sell - CRAZY!

Pam said...

Carmy, yep, good times.

Sarah: I looked at a Powershot but had loved my previous Lumix so thought it would be good to stick with it ... I'm not unhappy, just not happy. BUT, le sigh on the new camera! You indeed have the bug! I better go read up on all that it will do. Did you finish your class?

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Yes I finished my class, it has made a vast difference to how I use my camera now. Shoot totally in Raw and only on Manual as I have so much more confidence. Would highly recommend the PPSOP courses.

As for the T2i, I had decided to wait until next year, but then I tried it in Walmart and OMG!! I am going from 10 to 18 megaixels and the very latest Digic 4 processor and it's another world let me tell ya lol! The reviews say it's the best non pro camera available and I believe it having tried it. I am very excited and already have my XTi packed in the box ready for eBay!

Pam said...

Sarah: Yep, I need to do the digital version of the class I did for film. Was this an online class then? Next you will be talking about the new computer you have to buy to store all those megapixels!!! Ha. But 18, wowza, that will be fun. And I think I could really use that for the way I shoot and crop. But still, I'm very happy with my D90 though and will always remember that it was a Canon Rebel that died on me in the middle of London on vacation! I guess I haven't gotten over that yet!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Pam I got the new Dell with a super large screen and 1TB Ram a couple months ago lol!

Boxer said...

This post made me happy.

Sorrya about the camera. I'm not a fan of my new new movie camera and agree that new is not always better.

moi said...

Don't feel bad. I have yet to figure out my Nikon D-80 and then had to go drop the thing and now I'm prolly going to spend another couple gazillions getting it fixed.

I recently crop chopped my hair. Must be something in the air. Did ya do it?