Monday, May 10, 2010

Oklahoma Weather – Best Weather Reporting EVER

Here’s the cloud as it passed by our house …. it formed tornadoes about 30 miles east of us.

okw all cloud

We have absolutely the best weather coverage.  Have to in this part of the country.  Mike Morgan is always calm (Channel 4) and is very good with naming exactly the towns where the storms will be hitting.  He had storm trackers out and about on the “gitner” – whatever the heck that is.  Also, live helicopter footage.


“Rick said it would!” is the slogan for Rick Mitchell.  You might remember he had a bit part in the movie “Twister”.  He is usually very calm too and Channel 5 has the coolest radar set-up.  Look out for the “hook echo”!  Also helicopter footage and weather chasers out and about.


The legendary Gary England was on duty at Channel 9.  Jump back Loretta!  Monday night in the Big Town!  He was definitely featured in the movie Twister, with actual footage of him back in the 1970’s.  He’s still around, but he’s a little excitable.  And John has never forgiven him for getting the streets wrong when we were ALMOST in that killer tornado in 1999.  So we don’t watch Gary that much.


I have some video that I’m uploading to You-Tube of “Pam and John watch weather reports”.  May have to post it here later!

UPDATE:  Okay, it is later.  Don’t ask me why I posted this, I have no idea.  Meanwhile, I did have the camera handy just in case I needed to shoot some tornado footage this afternoon.  Plus, I also now know why I’ve been so tired.  Ear infection.  Got sent home today.  A blessing, really, because otherwise I’d have run into this storm on the afternoon commute.



Kymical Reactions said...

yes, post video later. I wanna see. I heard between 4pm and 7:30, there were 25 to 30 tornadoes between here and Kansas.

Glad you're safe. All is well here in Moore-nado. :)

Pam said...

I think they were picking up strength here, even more when they got near you, but just east of you, look out! Severe damage.

Kymical Reactions said...

ps - I heart Rick Mitchell. :)

Pam said...

Rick said you would. Oh wait, Rick said it would.

Pam said...

Jamie's workmate Julie lost their house in Stella ... I wonder if g-ma's old house is still standing?

carmar76 said...

Ack, tornadoes are the one weather phenomenon that fascinate and scare me. Living in the midwest, I guess that's normal, right? One of our weather dudes is out in your neck of the woods this week, living his dream of stormchasing. His name's Terry Swails.

Stay safe!!

Pam said...

Carmy, he picked the right week to show up!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Me heart Rick Mitchell too.

Amen sista, we should thank god everyday for the NWS in Norman and our weather forecasters.

Pam said...

Sarah, what is the definition of irony? When the tornado passes right above the National Weather Service building!

moi said...

I'm a weather geek, so fascinating post! Unfortunately, S.B. hasn't been spending as much time in Oklahoma as he usually does, so I haven't had a first hand, blow by blow of a storm in quite a while. Glad you are all okay.

Buzz Kill said...

I was thinking of you and Kym this morning as I watched the national weather. Glad you're still in one piece. Tornados are one of the few natural disasters I haven't been exposed too - yet. I hope to keep it that way. Keep your head down and your liquor cabinet full.

K9 said...

you are so blessed. when it rains in atlanta, channel 2 weatherman Glen burns has a total hissy fit. get in your shelter! its going to sprinkle. they also preempt the NATIONAL news for their hysteria which makes V growwwwwl.

Boxer said...

I came over to check on you and Kym. I was just reading the news.... HORRIBLE.

I love wild weather, but not tornados. They destroy too much without any warning. Glad you're all OK and sorry about the ear infection.

Boxer said...

P.S. Weather in Seattle is L A M E. We get zero excitement, so when something does happen (1" of snow?) they create BIG graphics:

BLIZZARD 2010!!!


Pam said...

Moi: I think our weather coverage is the reason why I'm a reality tv addict. What does S.B. think of the weather here, is he used to it by now?

Buzzy: I have yet to actually see a real-life tornado in all my years. I see the "scud" (hangy down bits) but those classic images -- never. And hope to never.

Barky: We have those moments also -- when the tv stations WANT something big to happen and then it doesn't. But they are prepared to be on air for hours at a time. John thinks it is usually meant to scare little old ladies into going to the grocery store to stock up.

Boxie: But we DO get warnings. They can track these storms down to the street level. A few minutes of warning makes a huge difference. We all knew to be watching the TV coverage yesterday. We all know where we will go in our houses or safe rooms. And I hope I never get a direct hit.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Good to see you're all right. I stopped by earlier, but, I didn't have time to watch. It went right over where I used to live in Choctaw.

This has been a spring for strange weather