Sunday, May 16, 2010

Young Love

Had the opportunity this afternoon to take some pics for Kymmie's college friend's teen daughter and boyfriend. Now, that's a description of how I know these folks, if ever I heard one. Anyway, we went downtown and had a great time snapping. These high school kids were just adorable. Thanks Star & Brit & Zach for a great day out.
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starlet said...

Awe....they are so cute!!!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Refreshing to see a young man with his pants aroung his waist. They're a nice looking couple.

Aunty Belle said...

LOL at Karl!

Sweet thangs...hope they can keep it sweet--I feel sorry fer the young'uns today--doan even know what a romance is--only thang poor thangs know is "hookin' up"--so let's hope these two can keep it sweet.

Brittany said...

I had such a fun time :) Thanx Pam.

Boxer said...

Too sweet. I think my blood sugar shot up just looking. ;-)

It's a great picture and I hope it's with them both for a long time.