Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haiku Thursday – Summer Starts!


Swimsuit season dread;

same thing every year;  try to

hide flaws best you can


haiku swim1

Enhance bust; trim waist above and below

 haiku swim2

haiku swim3

Create a waist in someone who doesn’t have one

haiku swim4

Hide in general behind a book – great idea!

 haiku swim5
Hide the hips and thighs with something a jogger would wear

 haiku swim6

Make legs look longer with a deep vee neck and high cut legs

 haiku swim7

Hide a soft tummy under scrunchy fabric!

BTW, LandsEnd actually has an “Anxiety Zone” in their swimwear search categories!



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chickory said...

allrighty! an invitation to read the holy Quran!

you know why i like mountain vacations? er....swimsuit anxiety. gah!

hope you are well. when i was watching the flooding OKC i thought...Pammy! Kimmy!

xo chickory

Milk River Madman said...

What's summer pray tell? Is that when it gets warm. Was a balmy 44 degrees here this morning. Haiku something like this

Raining yet again
Maybe spice the summer up
Serial killer.

That is just plain yuk.

Waiting for sunshine
Maybe see a halter top
Dont stare at cleavage

fishy said...

Oh-Oh .... I gets the angst of suit season. I go on the boat in long pants! Great visuals Pam :-)

ER ... must have goofed. I did Summer Starts haiku and visual last Thursday. This week I thought the assignment was Flag Day. sooooooo ...

Throat clutch at flag's sway
Rockwell's America lost
Elders sing proudest.

Visual Up!

fishy said...

Me again,
(June 10) Summer Starts Visual Haiku:

Lemonade kisses,
Coconut oil polished flesh,
Ignites summer bliss .

LOL about don't stare at the cleavage .... those who don't want the stares don't parade the cleavage. Unless of course, it is just impossible to hide without wearing a habit.

Buzz Kill said...

"hide flaws best you can". I can only hide so much with my Speedo. There's a mental image for you. Bwahahahaha

Well, I did Flag Day too and I have a visual at he Buzzkill.

Boxer said...

why I love the PNW? We never have the need to wear bathing suits. Even when I jet ski, I'm wearing a tank top and shorts. I told Moi the suit I brought to the Spa was last used.... last June when I went to the Spa.

Happy Summer!

moi said...

Thank you Pam, for putting it so perfectly! I figure, maybe when we're 80 and we just don't care?

Aunty Belle said...

Laughed at this--yep, anxiety --so I threw it all out. Doan do swimsuits no more--age has it definite rewards.