Thursday, June 03, 2010

Haiku Thursday – Veterans


It is so right to

recognize the soldiers who

make sure we live free.


haiku vet1

haiku vet2

 haiku vet4

And especially for my nephew:

haiku vet3


Buzz Kill said...

Sad but true. More veterans are being extended or are being called up from the reserves for duty in Iraq and Afganastan then ever before. Something I thought on over the weekend.

I'm up at the Buzzkill with a visual haiku.

Milk River Madman said...

One soldier marching
Battles and years took others
Tears, joy, memories

fishy said...

More grit than glory
In harsh battle fields afar
Keep your honor clean

Visual Up!

Pam, nice tribute, good range of pics. Prayers and kudos for nephew.

I think MRM IS a veteran ( thanks)

Off to see the Buzz :-)

Christi said...

Where the hell is your daughter?

Christi said...

Where the hell is your daughter?

Boxer said...

Lovely, Pam. And I like MRM's also. I remember watching Chickory hailing soldiers at the airport and it's now something I also do. They truly deserve to be honored. All of them.

I declare Fishy the winner and will be making double donations to the Military Dogs this week in honor of Memorial Day.

Milk River Madman said...

Fishy is a very deserving winner Boxer. Absolutely loved it.

Joanna Cake said...

So sorry, I didn't realise this was back on again. Will try to submit something for next week x

Joanna Cake said...

PS Can you email me to let me know what the subject is? Big contract to quote for this week so may not be able to get round again before the end of the week x

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Sorry for missing last week. What is this week's topic?