Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Stuff and Haiku Theme for Thursday

Random!  That's this post!  

FIRST UP:  HAIKU THEME FOR THURSDAY:  Good ol' Patriotism.  Fourth of July coming up ...   what shows your patriotism?  Post your visual then come back here on the day and say you are up.  Hopefully this will go smoother now.

Haiku Thursday didn't go so smooth on this end because I was away on vacation.  I mixed up my auto posts.  Some auto posts didn't load at all (probably because I did them wrong).

More Random:

1.  The whole of England is disgusted with their World Cup team.

2.  My desk was piled high on return but had it mostly sorted out in a day.  800 e-mails.

3.  Speaking of 800, I took more photographs than that on the trip.

4.  I have an 80 page photo book coming of my more than 800 photos, which had to be narrowed down because I had gone over the publishing limit on the dang thing.

5.  To Auntie and Chickie and like-minded eco's ... most restaurants that we ate at in the UK and France used "locally sourced" foods.  Meaning, the lamb/beef/chicken was from the farm down the road.  The free range eggs were picked up yesterday at a local farm.  Same with the strawberries and veggies.  At a few places, some of the menus were strange but they were using what was available on the day to make up their recipes.  Just really was an eye-opener to me on how it could all work ... and work really well.  And let's just say that you feel really good and healthy eating this way.  It is just so available ... I was very impressed.

6.  The cheese!  The cheese!  In France!  OMG, the cheese aisle in the grocery store (Carre-Four) was longer than an American cereal box aisle.  The olives!  The olives!  I know we get those olive bars here, but I'm in love with those LOCAL olives in the stores in France.  Things just aren't the same.

7.  AMERICAN SHOWERS!  Awww, to get home and have water pressure!  And room to move in a shower!  And let's not forget hot water that doesn't run out!  Absolutely one of the things we Americans do right! 

8.  Landing in Dallas and hearing the accent!  Divine!  You get used to hearing only an English accent when you are in a country full of them; same with the French.  It doesn't sound unique when that is all you hear for a few weeks.  Don't know about the hubs, but hearing that Texas accent really made me feel back at home.  I only hear his accent any more when we are around someone who doesn't know him anyway.

9.  I still have things I can't find that I know I took on the trip.

10.  Will post more photos soon.  I have sorted through them all.  But still getting organized around here and back into the swing of things.


fishy said...

Wow! That was some great trip if you edited down to just 800 pics!!!!! I know we have interesting visuals coming on future posts.

My favorite restaurants here practice the farm to table concept.I absolutely agree this is not only "doable" but smart and healthy for individuals AND for local economies. A true win-win scenario.

LOL to the showering experience here!And isn't it interesting how much of the comforts of home are about sounds? Like American accents, I know the differences of the sounds (and smells) of the night gardens of all my sisters.

Glad you had a good vacay, love the appropriateness of the "Patriotism" haiku.

carmar76 said...

Looking forward to more pictures! : ) I wish we had more restaurants around here that used local produce. We're the Heartland for pete's sakes, there has to be enough FRESH produce to sustain that kind of thing.

moi said...

OMG the cheese, is right! I have yet to find cheese in this country that can compare.

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and I look forward to your posts.

In the meantime, I'm up with my V.H.

Happy Thursday and welcome back!