Sunday, June 27, 2010

Traffic Jam in England


We always hit a traffic snarl here on the way to John’s mum’s house.  Looks like a regular line of traffic, right?  Let’s look closer.


What’s that in the background?  Up on the hill?  Right off the highway and to the left of the side road?  Yep.  Stonehenge.  Or, as we call it -- “Rocks in a Field.”  You can’t get to mum’s house without going right by it.  And there is always a traffic snarl.  I think because not only is it a popular destination, the roads narrow there and *they* don’t want to widen them because there is already concern about damage/pollution/etc causing problems to the stones.


But I did get some really good pics of the Rocks in the Field as we zipped by at about 40 MPH.  Maybe faster.  No, we didn’t stop this time.  We’ve been there before. 


Now, zoom in on this pic above if you can.  There they are – people who paid good money to get in to see this place.  And what are several of them doing?  Walking around on their cell phones.  Surely the Druids are turning in their graves at such sacrilege!


carmar76 said...

Ahh, Rocks in a Field. But Rocks with such HISTORY. Those rocks were placed there, how?, so long ago and are still there. Like the Parthenon, or the Colloseum (I think I butchered the spelling, but am too tired to Dictionary it). I love looking at historic sites. : ) Thanks for the awesome pics - sometimes from the car is the best way to get them!

Buzz Kill said...

Around my way we call “Rocks in a Field” cemeteries. Bwahaha

That's way cool to see something as famous and old as stone henge. That IS right up there with the pyramids and the colosseum.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Did the M5 get taken out?!

fishy said...

Do Druids have graves? I thought their thing was transmigration of souls? Reckon it's back to the history books for me!

LOL to Buzz commentary. In these parts, it's a granite quarry.

Glad you made it to "Mum's".
Way funny the juxtaposition of the cellphoners in Stonehenge.

Welcome home, you were missed!

Pam said...

Carmy: I know!

Buzzy: Maybe it is a cemetery - who knows!

Sarah: M5? M3 you mean? London to there the most direct way? There is no good blue road past a certain point.

Fishy: I have no idea, just the idea of that much technology should put off a nature-based religion, that was all I was thinkin'!!!