Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creating Vampires in Photoshop

Okay, so I'm not into the phenom that is "Twilight" .... but after doing a quick demo on Photoshop to some friends last night, it got me thinking ..... what would teens like that would be "different" in the way of portrait photos?   All the cool locations around this part of the world have been used and over-used.  So, I was thinking .... what else is popular?  Vampires!  So tried it out.  What do you think?  Be brutal. Be honest.

Here's the original:
So all apologizes to Laurie's niece, if she doesn't like Vampires.  But I needed a test subject so pulled this photo out of the archives.


moi said...

Aren't ALL teenagers vampires underneath :o)? Seriously, though; you got mad photochoppy skillz!

Buzz Kill said...

A little blood running from the side of her mouth and it's perfect. I like the way you removed the pendant from the chain. If I send you a picture of the boy, could you make him look like a caring, respectful human being? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Nice job.