Thursday, July 08, 2010

Floods. Lightning Creek Strikes Again.

Lightning Creek has always been dangerous.  Normally a dried up creek bed – but when the rains come, and they came this week – it turns into a raging river.  It has always been prone to flooding.  I can remember as a kid that flood waters from Lightning Creek came really close to my grandmother’s house once.  Always assumed that it was called Lightning Creek because of how fast the water could rise – fast as lightning.  The City has done loads of work over the years on flood management, digging the creek bed deeper; turning it into a cement culvert in areas, etc.
But on Tuesday, Lightning Creek claimed one victim.  A 13 year old boy was swept away by flood waters.  Also destroyed an event tent meant for a Peter Frampton concert!  (Do you … YOU … feel like I do?)    Today, Thursday, another deluge of 4” in one hour came along and the already saturated ground couldn’t keep up.  Luckily my Babygirl didn’t get stuck on I-35 as she usually does during a Mother Nature wallop.
The clouds were looking bad as I headed home from work, but by the time I got home and pulled into the driveway, discussed with the husband that something bad was up – you could just tell from the atmosphere.  The wind was still.  The sky was black (5PM).  Weird vibe in the air.  Then the skies opened.  Luckily for us, just to the east of us.  And I do mean JUST to the east of us.  But all my old neighborhoods are flooded.
Thought I’d post a few pics that are turning up on the local news sites …. and these aren’t even pics of the Lightning Creek area.
1.   This is the local Highway Patrol office.  Right next to Interstate 240 near South May Avenue.  And where the interstate had to be closed for a while due to high water.  BTW, Kymmie, do you think that guttering finally flooded off that duplex?  Glad that is someone else’s problem now.


Elsewhere in town -- these are neighborhoods near where I grew up.  They never flood.  I’ve never known them to flood anyway.  Water is up to the door on some of these houses.


Look at these mailboxes.  They are at the normal curb of the street.  So it means the water on the average residential street is so high that the mailboxes are halfway under water.


The East might be scorching.  But we’re getting floods.  Do you think that if the Thunder moved back to Seattle the balance of nature would return to normal?
Finally found a bit of video from this evening:


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Kymical Reactions said...

I suspect Brookline may have flodded a wee bit. 89th from Western to May was a wreck. It's all so weird, all this rain. meh. over it already.