Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Night Random

Friday night random:

As Gary "Twister" England says on Facebook: Well jump back, throw me down Loretta, it's Friday Night in the big town!

It's hot. Makes me cranky. And schweaty.

Nothing is funnier than watching Lewis Cat (the black one) walk menacingly down the driveway to make sure that Hammy (Hamlet the neighbor dog) doesn't come onto his property. Hammy is very well trained at this point. If Lewis is around, Hammy keeps his distance.

It's hot. And the lungs are a little allergy feeling. Drugged up this evening.

Did I tell you that Sister Carole fell and broke her wrist? So have hooked her up with a guy from work who is willing to do some odd jobs around her house (for a price). I'm no help at all. Because ...

It's hot. And I can't get my own work done, let alone someone else's.

End of Random.
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carmar76 said...

eep! sorry for the wrist, hopefully she'll be better soon!

i hate hot sticky humid weather. bring me 75 & no humidity & i'm happy. : )

Aunty Belle said...

Sorry Carole!!

It is hotter over the pond that here--dang, I nearly had heat stroke an I'se Floridian!

But love the random--an yep, tis hot!!

Pam said...

Carmy: 75 sounds like bliss, i'm for it.

Auntie! Great to hear from you. I'm coming over to see more about your trip. We had great weather when we were there, better there than here. I'm not dealing with this heat at all for some reason.