Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haiku Theme for this Thursday

I'm a little low on brain power this week for some reason and ideas for themes aren't popping into my head.  Wish the Haiku Master would pop by and give some input!  However, having said that, and based on the breakfast of blueberries I had this morning, this week's theme is:

Fruits of Summer

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fishy said...

Fruits indeed! Maybe I can find the blackberry pics.

I think it might be possible to extract visual haiku themes from our own blog community.
Did you see Aunty's post on feet?
May be we could have a theme of footsteps? Or from the MCW game of bad endings .... could we have a haiku theme of just "endings".
I am always interested in the various locales of our blog community so why not what is local for a theme?

That being said, I must mention I have enjoyed every single one of the challenges you've offered to date. So bravo on a job well done.