Thursday, July 15, 2010

Haiku Thursday - Gulf Oil Spill

I can't bear to think
of the impact of this mess;
oil economy.

New technology
surely comes from disaster;
surely it has to.

I got nothing else .... not even a pic.  I can't bear it.


Buzz Kill said...

Truely a tough subject to write on. The technology they are using seems sound, they're just not sure of other unseen damage. Let's hope they get lucky - for a change.

Limey said...

It's breaking my heart. It seems relentless and unending. It's sickening to think of how it affects the people and wildlife.

Pam said...

Buzzy: Very tough subject but I think it is on everyone's minds, so might as well look it straight in the eye.

Limey: I know :( But I suppose it is much the same as gushers in the early 1900s ..??? Not much sign of long term damage here in OK with that.

EVERYONE -- Don't forget to go over to Crown on The Rocks (MRM) for more haiku Thursday.

fishy said...

Heaving, suffocating grief
Species death by greed

I'm up! Visual +3haiku

Good for you choosing a topic that is omnipresent.
I like your first haiku best, who among us can bear to think about the impact still to be revealed?

moi said...

I. Just. Can't.

Pam said...

Fishy: Am on my way over now!

Moi: I totally understand. My head is still mostly in some oil sand refusing to look at it.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

The stoppage came 85 days,
16 hours after explosion
Don't blow again

Pam said...

Karl: Maybe I should have made the blow-out my subject a few weeks ago and the well would have been capped already? I will take full credit for this hopefully good turn of events. If it goes south, it was just a coincidence.

fishy said...

LOL your comment to Karl! You would make a fine politician.

Pam said...

Fishy: You have no idea. Really. No idea. Politician indeed.

Boxer said...

I can't bear it either, but you did a good job.

:-( I'm glad there was "good" news today but it was about 85 days too late.