Thursday, July 01, 2010

Haiku Thursday – Patriotism

The World Cup fever;

fans show their pride for country;

the match was a draw


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Loved the way folks come out to support the teams.  Try being the only American in a room full of Brits during the USA v. England soccer match.  Loved the guys who dressed up as RAF pilots in the England v. Germany game. 

Figured everyone would do a 4th of July theme, so went a different way here.

Happy Haiku Thursday, happy pre-Independence Day, and happy world in general.


Karl said...

Welcome back Pam,

Better to be in a room outnumbered by brits, than to be sitting in the bleachers listening to those bloody horns.

Fear mixed with fury
Fortitude and sacrifice
A patriot make

moi said...

Okay, Blobber is really chapping my bottom. First it told me your blog had been removed. Now it keeps giving me 404 Errors. Grrrrrr.

I have some mighty fine memories of World Cup '82, when, as a teen touring the Continent, I happened to be in a bar in Munich the night Italy beat Germany in the finals. A gaggle of Italian boys, sensing I shared similar blood, invited me to wine and dine with them for the evening, which I did, only to have my bubble promptly burst at about 3am when one of them proudly revealed they were all card-carrying communists.

At any rate, I'm up with:

Thumb sucked and breast bound
does it feel good on your knees?
Pass the pitchfork, please.

fishy said...

Some really great visuals here Pam. I especially like the blue body indian!

Karl ... yours sounds like first hand knowledge so perhaps thanks are in order?

I'm up, but without a visual. I am struggling with this new computer, which does it's own thing and not necessarily my thing. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH !

Buzz Kill said...

I don't understand a sport that ends in a tie. What's the point? But you gotta love the nutty patriotism you see at world sporting events. Although it's easy to be that nutty in South Africa in the summer instead of places like Chicago and Green Bay in the winter.

I'm up at the Buzzkill with a lame VH.

Moi - I thought your story was going to end a lot more badly then it did.

Boxer said...

Blogger has eaten several of my comments today and I'm super annoyed and cranky.

Anyhoo, I wondered how you'd fair with your British Peeps.

Happy 4th to you and welcome home.

Aunty Belle said...

heh-- this is great!

"RAF pilots in the England v. Germany game." Ha! thas' priceless__clever Brits.

Aunty Belle said...

oh goodness--welcome home!!

Milk River Madman said...

Great haiku's everyone. I haven't been much of a participant. Will try to pick up my game.

Pam said...

I tried to comment to everyone earlier, but my words were eaten also. Blogger must be temperamental today!

Pam said...

Karl: Those horns were definitely annoying. You win the haiku (for me) ... a good amount of righteous indignation.

Moi: I had problems with blobber last night. BUT, what I want to hear about, is more of this evening with the Italians!!! No romance? Reaction to communist cards?

Fishy: I'm sure you'll get that computer nailed down pretty quick. I'm having similar problems learning a new program. I think technology might have finally out-paced me.

Buzzy: But it "IS" winter in South Africa ... and it was fun to get caugt up in all the nationalism.

Boxie: Hopefully Blobber isn't as temperamental today. Probably some spyware being inserted or sumthin'.

Auntie: The RAF pilots were my faves. We were watching that game live and it was seeing those guys that gave me the idea for the Haiku theme of the week.

Milky: I didn't realize you had taken over movie clips, so I promise to get re-involved in that too!

moi said...

There was SOME romance. With the least communist-y of the bunch. And it's not like I was bringing him home to mom, right?

chickory said...

men that paint themselves? they disturb me. no i do not want to see a blue man in his fruit of the looms.
vuvuselas are the mad bee swarm that insures i will never become a soccer fan. i'll just stick with the SEC.
happy fourth pam, and welcome home!

Boxer said...

Hello! Looks like my comment from Thursday was eaten too. Bah.

I've come to declare the winner for this week:

BUZZ KILL! Timely and the visuals were perfect.