Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone … an extra day off work, well, who isn’t always for THAT? 

So thought I’d post a few more vacay pics.


At the Weald and Down Open Air Museum.  Evidently, the “weald” is a relatively flat piece of land in between some hills.  The “downs” are the hills themselves.  Imagine that!  I would have thought the “downs” was the place at the bottom of the hills, but no, that is a weald.


This open air museum has obtained and salvaged several properties of various ancient ages and brought them back to life in this setting.  Part museum, part village.  I loved it here.  This place is near Chichester.  Not Chai-Chester.  But Citch-ester.   I still can’t say it right though.  Among several other names of places that I failed badly on.  Here’s a really oldie-woldie house below.


And here’s a legend I had never heard before.  If someone holds a buttercup under your chin and it reflects back gold, it means you like butter.


The views from this place are just magical.


Near the various houses of different ages, they grow the appropriate crops for the time period of the structure.


Plus, they use the farming methods in use at that particular moment of history.


Certain animals roam freely.  I loved Mr. Rooster here and knew I had to try to get his pic.  He wasn’t happy with me.


Also on site were many birds of prey.  This little fellow got set loose for a demonstration.  Dang, if his handlers weren’t worried when he didn’t appear interested in coming back.  They were throwing a bit of meat on a rope around and around like a lasso trying to entice him back.  This fellow has some sort of radio attached to him also, because his handlers had a device that was tracking where in the air he happened to be.  He dodged them for quite a while, looks of concern abounded, movement of the handlers around the park area …. finally, he decided to cheer them all up and landed on said piece of meat, to the sound of applause from the crowd.


Sister #1 shops at some of the crafts tents for various and sundry goodies.


I was drawn in by this Victorian-themed Union Jack pillow.  Wanted it badly.  In fact, I bought something that appears in this pic.  Was it the red pillow?  No.  I bought the BLUE-ISH one that is on the top shelf of the display rack at the back.


I will bore everyone some more with vacay pics soon.  Now, is that a promise or is that a threat?  Meanwhile, happy 4th!  We are hanging out and laying low this weekend.  Gonna watch fireworks (if it doesn’t rain) from the front porch because the town nearby doesn’t have the corporate-display-only rule and families can still shoot bottle rockets at each other from their back yards.  I have a photo assignment in the morning (YAY!) and I plan on catching up on sleep.  Everyone have a safe and happy 4th and if you are doing something fun, let us know here!


fishy said...

Lovely post. That was indeed a very handsome rooster, charming architecture, great vistas and it didn't actually look like rain ! I will be looking forward to more pics of your vcation. Anyone who posts pictures of architecture, junque/antique offerings, beautiful vistas and animals has my allegiance! You do take some really fine photos :-)

Kymical Reactions said...

you know what I learned working at the fireworks stand? bottle rockets are illegal here. :)