Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a photo to make me happy

Yellow Rose of Dorset.

Random things:

Dearly love this time of year when I can work at my own pace. Have some projects to do that have a deadline, but it isn't tomorrow. Finished one project and sent off for final inspection. Got some things done around the house. Now am hoping to have some of the gals over next week for "refreshments" and to catch up on the gossip.

Best purchase of the vacation was the IPOD Touch. It does everything an I-Phone does except make calls or take photos. Since I never call anyone unless I can help it, and I have plenty of photography gear ... not a problem! But it was fantastic on the long plane ride (never ran out of juice) and it works great plugged in the car instead of listening to yakkityyakyak DJ's who won't shut up. Man, I hate morning DJ's. And that just made me think of the old Harry Chapin song ... I am the morning DJ on WOLD. Anyone remember that? Heh.

Good news from work is that the furlough days are going to be 1 per month for 12 months instead of 2 per month for 6 months. If that is good news. But it will be less of a hit to the pocketbook! And I'm all for that.

Sterling is back to his old self after spending the vacation time at Aunt (Sister) Carole's house while we were gone. Couldn't trust the boy alone in the house with Sallycat. I'm afraid there would have been one dead tabby by the time we got home. Meanwhile, Sterlie got to play with his cousin cats at Aunt Carole's. Came home a much more mature fella. Until this week, when it has turned back into the Sally Chase all-day-every-day again. Aunt Carole says that Sterling is the only cat she has ever known with ADD. We think she is right.

So the other two cats had a pet sitter who came over to our house periodically. And if you live in this area and need such a person, we can recommend this girl, so send me a line and I'll put you in touch. MUCHO cheaper-o than boarding at the vet.

Is anyone else watching Deadliest Catch? I have just discovered that program on Discovery. I know it has been on a while but never bothered to stop and watch. Now am hooked.

Thought we might have some company this weekend (cough, cough *Sarah*) but those plans have changed for them, so we are already planning to lay low and out of the sun as much as possible.

End of Randomness.
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carmar76 said...

I like Random Pam! : )

Boxer said...

Deadlist Catch was based in Seattle and it was big news around here when he suffered his stroke/etc. I've walked around the boat (it's moored just a few miles from my house) but I've never watched. I'm glad you do.

Happy Randomness! I'm glad all is well with your pets. They do not like it when their humans go on Vacation.

Buzz Kill said...

Deadliest Catch is a great show. The boys and I have watched it for several seasons. I can't say I'm surprised about Captain Phil Harris. The man was a chain smoker and captaining the Cornelia Marie looked pretty taxing on his health.

And I remember the Harry Chapin song. My college room mate was a huge fan (Gordon Lightfoot too). Another college friend of mine and I took him to see an Ozzy concert in '83. He was never the same again.

Pam said...

Carmy: You just have no idea how random I really am.

Boxie: Don't start watching the show, you won't be able to stop, then you'll be stalking the boat looking for the crew. I can just see it all now in my head.

Buzzy: But what a character! Captain Phil is/was only a year older than me. I think it is time to cut out the bacon (again). Meanwhile, you corrupting a sensitive Gordon Lightfoot fan with an Ozzy concert ... shame on you! I'm surprised you remember it! ;)

Kymical Reactions said...

I just discovered Ice Road Truckers, and I feel the same way. love that show.