Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Best Theme Song

Hmmmm.  Had to think about this one.  Because I believe there is a difference between a movie’s “Theme” song and just a song from the soundtrack.  And in all honesty, I don’t think have ever watched this thing all the way through.  The clip AND the movie.  But I love love LOVE this song.  Only voice is the barking of a dog.  Sure have been anti-voice lately.  I think it is a hazard of my job.  (BTW, this one guy in the scene is Nigel Havers, who we saw in UK with a role in the classic Coronation Street.  Not that anyone is interested, but it is a future reference point for me when I can’t remember what show it is that we saw him in.)


Limey said...

Awesome theme tune!

Boxer said...

Great pick. I used this music for a Coco video last September and I hadn't heard it for a long time.

I never saw the movie completely either. I think I was in High School and had no interest in a bunch of men running.

Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

Love the song, never saw the movie. Was side betting on "Oklahoma" even though you used it already. As Farva said in "Super Troppers" "I just lost a bet. To myself!". I'm posting my haiku early as I'm gone for the rest of the week.

moi said...

You and I jinxed on the same composer! Great pic. Loved the movie, too.

Buzz Kill said...

Without realizing it until now, this is probably one of the most used theme songs in tv shows and other movies ever (next to Rocky). Good choice.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

Limey: Awesome indeed! And cute guys in shorts.

Boxie: See above. Cute guys in shorts. Once it gets past that point, I'm bored.

Milky: Well, see, I do have more culture than just the movie musical Oklahoma! (Appropriately spelled with the exclamation point on the end ... It did cross my mind but was expanding my horizons. Sorta.

Moi: Great minds? I hope my mind is on as great a path as yours!

Buzzy: Oh yes, it is used for all sorts of clips and spoofs, but a classic on its own.