Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Who Do you Want to star with in a Romantic Comedy?


What a great subject for MCW by the MRM.  I had to think about this one for a while.  There are some great romantic comedies out there.  When Harry Met Sally, for example.  But, is it Billy Crystal that I would want to star with?  No.   Sleepless in Seattle?  Great movie, but Tom Hanks isn’t “my” leading man.  Some of the oldies/goodies like Teacher’s Pet with Doris Day and Clark Gable?  Yes, maybe to Gable, but then again, not so much at that time of his life.  And all those Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies – great romantic comedies but ixnay on starring with Rock Hudson, or Tony Randall for that matter but he was funny in all those movies.  Who knew that he wasn’t the gay one in real life?  Or poor Mel Gibson for that matter, even before he went all Mad Max in real life.

So, here’s the best choice for me to star with in a romantic comedy:  Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Collin Firth.   Nice boys don’t kiss that way.   Oh yes, they do …….

P.S.  I can tell you right now that my husband would most likely select Meg Ryan.  And probably in her “You’ve Got Mail” or “Sleepless in Seattle” phase.


Aunty Belle said...

fun movie...I see ya go fer the foreign types huh?

I almost picked Ever After wif' that Scottish fella Dougray Scott.

Happy MCW, PamOKC!

Buzz Kill said...

Amazingly, I've never seen this movie. So, Bridget writes bad things about this guy in her diary and then he forgives her and takes her back? Are there any guns or aliens involved? I thought not. I guess as romances go, this is pretty good. I hear people talking about it.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

Auntie, I guess maybe I do ;) but am admitting here that C.F. is no M.Mc.

Buzzy: It is very cleverly written so if you have to watch it, am sure you will enjoy it. There is a great fist fight between her two men in one of the movies, can't remember which one. Does that count for action?

Joanna Cake said...

Oh, they had me in tears again, just like the first time. Colin Firth is fab and, of course, you know why he was chosen to play Mark Darcey in Bridget Jones? Because he was Mr Darcey in the best version of Pride and Prejudice produced by the BBC a few years before.

For Buzz - Ruf enjoyed Bridget Jones except for Hugh Grant.

When asked the question, Ruf would want to star with Cameron Diaz.

Me, I also considered Billy Crystal because I think he's cute and funny, but just a little smug. In the end, I decided it had to be a comedian whose looks also tickle my fancy...

moi said...

Loved this movie, most especially the opening sequence where she sings "All By Myself." I think this was the last time I actually found Renee Zellweger charming, though . . .

And the first time I discovered just how sexy Colin Firth is :o).

Good choice.

Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

Both movies were good for a grin. So I would say good choice.

I wasn't able to post for this round, yet had I, the clip would've included either Myrna loy, Sophia Loren or Maureen O'Hara.

Happy clip day!

Pam said...

Joanna - I was wondering how they would handle it in Movie #2 because Bridget is supposed to interview Colin Firth (in the book). Guess they just skipped over that part in the movie.

Moi: Yep, this was probably the first time that he appealed to me also. But I'm totally a Bridget in many ways.

Karl: Maureen O'Hara would have been a fantastic choice. I adore her. The Quiet Man? I'm waiting for a chance to use that movie clip.