Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pam and Sally and the Snake or … how I spent last evening ….

It was bedtime.  Time to entice the girl cat Sally to come in the house.  She wasn’t having it.  In fact, she was “on point” over by the bedroom window.  Thinking she probably had a mouse, I went to investigate.  What I found was Sally-Cat with a …. HUGE FREAKIN’ SNAKE.


Ran and got my little camera.  Too dark to not use a flash, so snake didn’t like it and headed for …


headed for, with Sally hot on its heels (if you can say a snake has heels) ….



headed straight for the patio.  Where he took up residence by the back door.  And proceeded to climb the doorway and the brick!




Yours truly may or may not have been freaking out.  A lot.  Okay, I admit it.  Said snake was huge.  I tried to scoot him along with one of those ornamental stakes from the potted plant.  Tried to get him back in the grass where he could slither off in peace.  But no, he wanted to be on the patio at all costs.

I thought (at the point when he started climbing the doorway) that I’d go get the hoe and chop  him in half.  That’s what people do, right?  Well, our rusty ol’ hoe was worthless, except to make the snake mad and spit/lunge at me.  I might have freaked a little more.

So looking around, I grabbed the top to the little smoker bbq and put it over the snake, thinking I’d deal with him the next day.  But guess what.  Today he is gone.  I don’t know how he got out from under the lid of the bbq smoker thingie, but he did.  Now I’m completely creeped out.


Buzz Kill said...

Snakes, why did have to be snakes?

I hate snakes and fortunately, we don't get many around here. Sleep well.

Pam said...

Buzzy: I appreciate the Indiana Jones reference! This is the biggest and baddest snake I've had to deal with in all my years here ...ack!

carmar76 said...

i'm w/ y'all - ACK! good thinking on the camera, tho. i think i would have screamed & ran for the door before the snake could get to it. sally cat would be on her own. ack ack ack!!

Limey said...

I am squirming just looking at it! How you had the guts to follow it around and take photos is beyond me. Your cat is one brave little girl!

moi said...

Killin' snakes is bad mojo. Bless you for letting the critter live. Pretty thing . . .