Friday, July 09, 2010



There I was, shopping at Baby Depot for a shower gift for an upcoming baby shower.  I had decided to give the gift of books, since the couple having the baby seemed to have already received everything on their registry list.  I wanted a really good Mother Goose book (success!) and a few other early baby colors-letters-shapes kind of books.  And maybe just a smattering of other kinds of books.  And I picked one up, it was VERY cute.


It was about a baby firefly learning to fly.  The sweet pictures made me smile.  It had those hard cardboard pages that are difficult for babies to bend.  But it also had a very cute feature – a battery pack so that the firefly could light up in the book itself!


I was sold.

Then I flipped back to the cover page and made my discovery  ---

Illustrated by Chickory!!!!    (Cloned out names here for privacy – as much as possible) …

But I’m thrilled … I now have my own Chickory art!  And I think this book is for me and Kymmie and won’t make its way to the baby shower.


Hamlet came to visit this morning.  He’s the dog that was dumped in the neighborhood a few months ago and now lives next door.  I think they call him “Socks” over there at his real house.  Anyway, haven’t seen his boy in a few weeks, so I think Hammy is fending for himself quite a bit. 


He was hovering around as I took some trash to the curb.  And, when I backed the car out of the garage …. he made his way in.


Hammy!  Sallycat isn’t going to be happy that you ate her food!!!!


But I got the garage door down and he looked so forlorn …. aren’t they feeding you over there at the neighbor’s house?


He watched me as I drove away.  And I’ve felt bad all day for not going back inside and finding him some old lunch meat or sumthin’.


Kymical Reactions said...

Kymmie wants her very own Chickory art. le sigh. such a sweet firefly. and you need to feed poor hammy. he seems such the good dog. :)

Boxer said...

Wow! I was looking at the pictures and thinking how much I love fireflies and then I thought "those look like Chickory's dolls." WHAT A GREAT FIND!!! Isn't her work happy and amazing? I want my own.

Have a great weekend.

Pam said...

Kymmie, you can share my book with me! And any time you want to take Hammy to your back yard, let me know and I'll ask the neighbors.

Boxiebabe: I know, the same thing happened to me at the store! And her name just jumped off the book cover at me too ... a great find. I'll get it autographed one day ;)

K9 said...

no way! i hope it wasnt in the bargain bin. grrrrrrherhahahaha. thanks pammy - i hope your friends enjoy it. you know, that book had 2 other double pages -but production was expensive with the light so they cut those pages out. i have lots of funny, and not so funny tales about what happens after the art leaves me on the way to the bookstore shelves.

i think the cats would really love to include hamlet into their pride.

chickory said...

wrong avatar (although i may reopen the dog pen so i can bitch without soiling my pretty little nature blog) grrrrhahahaha

moi said...

How cool is that? I recognized the art immediately. What a lucky-ducky find.

As for Hamlet, are you gonna keep him? He looks like, what, a pittie/lab mix? Poor buddy.

Pam said...

Chickie-boom! I was so pleased and surprised when I made the discovery! The book is adorable and we are keeping it for ourselves. No, it wasn't in bargain bin, but the sticker was for less of a price than the retail on the back of the book. But not by much ;)

Moi: We thought Hammy might be half Boxer and half Great Dane when we first met him. He is a seriously good dog. I have never heard him bark. He doesn't jump. Doesn't growl. He even accompanied me on my morning walk yesterday ... a full lap around the whole neighborhood. I think the whole block has adopted him (except for one family).