Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visual Haiku Thursday – Fruits of Summer

haiku bb2

Memories of thorns;

the scratches were well worth the

fresh picked blackberries.


Summers at grandpa’s

meant picking blackberries and

mom baking cobbler.



haiku bb1


Buzz Kill said...

"Memories of thorns" - I like that. In my neck of the woods, we picked raspberries and blueberries (Hammonton, NJ - Blueberry Capital of the World). Blackberries do grow wild in the pinelands but they're not very good. And Blueberry Muffins were a big deal for us.

fishy said...

Loved the second one and ,
PLEASE post moms recipe for blackberry cobbler!
Good news here is we planted thornless blackberries so
the misery factor went away. I'm up!

moi said...

Lovely. Out our way, we're getting inundated with blueberries.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Pam,

Mmm Blackberries, beats the heck out of cutting okra. The main harvest at my grandfather's.

I have no pictures up today.

So mean and scrappy
Crabs of blue with meat so sweet
The fruits of the bay

Some hungry Mite has
Eaten its way through my beans
The whole crop lost Help

Aunty Belle said...

Oh!! What a refreshing theme fer these dawg days of summer!!
Lovin' yore thorny memories--an yes PLEASE post cobbler recipe.

late, late, I know--but Aunty posted her Visual Haiku at

Pam said...

Buzzy: I am totally addicted to raspberries this year. I wonder if they would grow in these parts. I seriously can't get enough of them.

Fishy: I will have a look and see if that recipe survived. Seems like she just did a Bisquick crust maybe ... will post it if I can find it!

Moi: I don't think I have ever seen blueberries growing around here. Must investigate.

Karl: BLUE CRABS!!!! Now that I could go for ... a bucket of those dumped on a table .... yummmmmmmm.

Auntie: Just been over to your page .. did you decide to create a new identity?