Friday, August 27, 2010

99 New Citizens

I was honored and pleased to attend the citizenship ceremony for Britgal Sarah today!  Thanks Sarah and her Okie gentleman hubster, who let me tag along.  And I do mean tag, because my walking speed was non-existent in my little surgical bootie!
Can’t remember what country they originated from.  Ghana maybe?
Mexico!  Great number of new citizens were from Mexico.  Second was (I believe) … Viet Nam.
The judge officiating got a little misty-eyed during the ceremony!
Everyone swears to give up their homelands and then swears allegiance to the USA!  That is Sarah peeking over the top of the crowd.  Girl in black top was from Peru.
Majestic courtroom.
I’m sure MRM would have been very inspired by the little speech /video given by President Obama.
A speaker from the class of today’s new citizens is a medical doctor from Romania.  Now, he DID give an inspiring speech.  Raised under Communism, he learned about freedom from a little radio broadcast (Voice of America?) that he listened to as a child.
Being an American gives you the right to dress like this guy.  He was in charge of new voter registration.  Hey fella!  Arlo Guthrie called and wants his hair back!
Uhoh!  I think she spotted all of her entourage who were snapping away.
All over but the flag waving!
Congrats Sarah!  Thanks for letting me come and help you celebrate.  Now it is time for a Lortab and the sofa.


moi said...

Aw, look at how beautiful and beaming she is. Congrats, Brit Gal! I remember when my mother became a citizen. It was one of her proudest moments.

carmar76 said...

congrats to sarah! i imagine those ceremonies to be lots of fun & very poignant! i also think that it's something everyone should experience, to give them a real taste of what ppl go thru - legally - to be citizens of our country. : )

Artsdeco said...

Wallpapers for Blogger :

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Great post Pam and it was a pleasure to have you as one of my guests! I am still glowing from the pomp and circumstance today, and I came home to another fun surprise I'll blog about Monday!

Hope the toe is doing better?

Aunty Belle said...

Hooray!! Hooray for Brit Girl!! Welcome aboard BG!!

I did this onc't wif" a friend from Bras=zil. Very moving.

But Guthrie guy? gadzooks!

Boxer said...

Welcome Brit Gal! I think you probably know more about the U.S. than the average American.

Pam said...

Moi: Must hear more about mom and where she was from that led to her citizenship ceremony!

Carmy: Poignant indeed. Never take lightly what these folks have been through to get to this ceremony.

Artsdeco: P-off.

Sarah: I have a feeling some friends/neighbors probably came to your house and did a little decorating????

Auntie: Guthrie guy ... I think I will see what the conservatives are doing to sign up voters at the time of citizenship ceremonies ;)

Boxie: How are you dollbaby? I hope you are settling into normal these days!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Pam! Are you psychic lol!