Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Crossing - Abbey Road Studios

The Crossing - Abbey Road Studios

Super cool link above to a site that was promoted today over on the Facebook page (Love UK or something like that) ... anyway it is a live webcam of the zebra crossing on Abbey Road! Fun! So you can watch people doing their best Beatles walk across the striped crosswalk, or watch the traffic, or watch people sign their names on the street sign, etc. Love love LOVE this site!

And yes, we have walked across it once in just the cheesiest of all cheesy ways possible.

Traffic is supposed to stop for people in any 'zebra' crossing in the UK. And evidently traffic has been known to get a little angry here when things go a little too touristy :)

So here's a pic taken what, about 10 years ago maybe?  Perhaps longer.  I think I was having a 1960's hairstyle flashback.  Not the best pic, but it was a fun one.

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