Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Maybe because it is so dang hot, or maybe because I don't feel so great today, but let's call it another week of Thursday Haiku Hiatus.   I promise to get it up and running soon.  MCW has used up all my brain power this week and it is too hot to do any other thinkin'.


fishy said...

Haiku Hiatus,
Scorched gray matter creates naught,
While highly distraught.

ps) just saw a weather report stating in Louisville Kentucky today the heat index is 112 degrees!
Can we blame Al Gore for wishing this
on us?

Pam said...

Scorched gray matter indeed. It was 107 on my car's thermometer today after lunch, with the hot part of the day an hour or two away. Melting here and not because of someone throwing water on this old witch.

Milk River Madman said...

You're blaming me for no brain power? Insert frowny face here :(
Just kidding ya!!! The heat is an energy zapper.

Buzz Kill said...

I'll blame the Madman for all the brain cells I killed getting the MCW clip together. Bwahahaha Actually, it was the Abbey Dubbel I was drinking last night (7.9% alchohol baby).

Boxer said...

Ugh. I hate heat. 100% HATE IT. Really sorry. Hang in there. Does everyone have A/C? Not here.

Summer Blog Blahs happen, so don't worry at all. As long as it doesn't get in the way of Project Runway of coure. :-)