Monday, August 23, 2010


News came yesterday that Hammy (the Hamster; Hamlet; Socks) has gone elsewhere in the neighborhood to live. With a family. Because the one he adopted when he was dumped in the addition has moved to another side of town and couldn't take him with them. So we hope he ended up with a good place to live. We're glad it wasn't us, because we would have felt compelled .... but the bad news is that we don't get to play with him any more and there won't be anymore Hammy posts. Unless he figures out how to get across the creek because I think he has a full section of land that he patrols and he wants to get back to visit his old friends (like us).
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carmar76 said...

aw, man! i like hammy posts! but as long as he's w/ a family that's taking care of him, i guess i'll be okay...