Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hot, Damn Hot, and Gonna Stay That Way


I’ve heard it said …. there are many reasons to love living in Oklahoma.  The weather isn’t one of them. 

This is going to be one such week.  Argh.  Yours truly will be turning up the air and staying inside methinks.



carmar76 said...

yuckity yuck yuck yuck! iowa looks like that, too. blech. thank God for air conditioning, tho!! : )

fishy said...

This week we are enjoying a bit of a reprieve. No triple digits projected but really there is not a huge difference in the feel of 99 air vs the feel of 100 air.

I got so hot in the garden the other day I had to hose my head. I keep wondering if the " dog days of August" are early this year or if this year we expanded the heat to add the "dog days of July". Guess I will know directly.

Limey said...

As much as I miss the southwest, I don't really miss the stifling summers. Though, I'd take an intense summer over these horrific Massachusetts winters any day!

Boxer said...

We had a few days of over 100 earlier in the Summer and I was not happy. As much as I wish we had real Summers in the PNW, I am grateful that was a rare event. Few homes have A/C so when it does get hot? Blech.

Stay cool. Stay indoors.