Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Best Movie that you will always stop to watch when channel surfing …


movie clip pic

MRM is still hosting and although his description was a little vague this week, I think I have it right.  And I may have selected this movie before in a MCW challenge, can’t remember.  But it is an all-time fave movie for many reasons.

1.  They got it right.  The time period.  The racial tension.  The music being played at the football games.  I know, because I was there.  Not in Virginia, but the OKC version.

2.  It could have been my high school.  I started HS the same year as the racial integration plan in OKC.  If only (IF ONLY!) our school had come together in such a fashion.  As it was, riots (or rumors of riots) were standard fare.  Parents drove around with their headlights on in support of local schools.  My parents chose not to participate in that and had the theory that only “open housing” would bring about true integration.  Meaning, when all races can live in one neighborhood would integration happen.  It took a while, but I do believe my folks were right.

3.  Face it, just one of the best high school coming-of-age movies ever.  And the coming-of-age was about teamwork and inspiration, not sneaking out, drinking and sex.  The adults are great role models.  Coach Yoast saying, “Make them remember, FOREVER, the night they played the Titans …”   I love that line!  I get choked up every time I watch him say it.  Many, many, MANY nights were spent in the football stands watching my brother play ball … every other night was spent analyzing the game during dinner table conversation.  I so identify with the little girl, who grew up to be Hayden Panetierre. Imagine that!

4.  And I chose this scene because it shows Garry Bertier in his gold Camaro.  I had that car!!!!  Well, I had the Pontiac version!  I had the gold Pontiac Firebird, just like the gold Camaro!  I had the 1970 version.  I think Gary’s is a ‘69 model.

Here’s Pam’s super-cool 1970 Firebird from high school!  It was “faster than a striped ape.”  How fast is that?  Well, have you ever SEEN a striped ape?  (Description given by my dad’s mechanic who worked on it from time to time for us …)   That was my dad’s blue Thunderbird in the background too.  Hmmm, I had forgotten about that car.  Of course, we were too cool to be seen in it at the time, but that T-bird looks pretty dang fine to me now!

firebird 1

Hmmmm, now in this photo …. I do believe that might be my mom’s blue Maverick in the background there.  That is the evil car I drove in my driver’s test when I turned 16.  It had no power steering.  I was unable to back into the metal stand they used for the parallel parking maneuver.  I knocked the dang thing over.  I KNOCKED IT OVER.  Immediate flunk.  What a way to ruin a girl’s 16th birthday.

firebird 2

Here’s the actual page I scanned from my old photo album.  Thought you guys might appreciate how suits like this have made a come-back.  Luckily her hair style has not.  The girl’s name was Debbie and was a good friend at the time.  Absolutely no idea where she is these days.   The OSU cake?  I turned 18 as a freshman in college at Oklahoma State.  

Oh how, I long for that Firebird!  Loved loved LOVED loved that car!  I actually had 10 people in that car at one time.  So crowded that someone else had to operate the accelerator pedal while I did the brake pedal. 

 pam car firebird 001

Okay, so I have digressed so far from the REMEMBER THE TITANS video clip … but it takes me back to that time in my life and that is what MCW is all about!


Milk River Madman said...

Great clip. Great movie. I took my brother-in-laws Camaro to my junior prom. With Tracy Spoonheim. One of the many who got away. The car was fast. Beat Tim Starky in a drag race that night. One of the many reasons I'd go back to high school. Just to beat his punk ass again. Happy MCW.

fishy said...

Now we all know where Kymical babe gets her love of sports....

This is a very good movie but I might be more entertained by the Camaro Tales.

LOL to MRM .... was there really a

Pam said...

MRM: Of course, one of the reasons Tracy might have gotten away was her total terror of being in a drag race in a Camaro?? LOL. High school, you can have it! Some is fun to remember, other parts not so much!

Fishy: Kymmie actually loves sports that I have no idea where she got it from ... turkey hunting? Not from my side of the family!

Joanna Cake said...

I don't know this movie, although I am aware that I have heard the title.

Buzz Kill said...

"You make sure they remember, *forever*, the night they played the Titans!"

Great line and movie. Will Patton and Denzel Washington were both excellent. I hope your Firebird faired better than the Camaro.

I went to my prom with my friend in his black '57 Chevy. That was an awesome car. Laughing at the Madman too.

Happy MCW!

chickory said...

i didnt love thi movie -fell asleep. but i loved the car tales. you know, i love to diss on some camaro. the florida trailer park car. grrrrrrrrrhahahahahahaha!