Sunday, August 08, 2010

Change of Plans

Original plans for Saturday turned to a bit of a non-event.  Was going to take my home-from-a-business-trip hubby out to a local winery for a tasting in an effort at pre-birthday celebrations.  However, the winery wasn’t THAT local (2 hours away), got there and the tasting was a strange set-up that we couldn’t be bothered to do … so we headed back to the city and ate at a fave place … Bravo Italian.  Then headed over (late) to Sister Carole’s Friend Renea’s Daughter Ashley’s wedding …. which we hadn’t thought we’d get to because we were doing the wine trip … however, we got there in time to see the bride and groom’s recessional.  Cute cute wedding set-up though …. lovely turquoise and apple green colors sprinkled around.

ashleyAshley’s dress …. elegant with playful beads.  When asked if she took this man to be her husband, she said “Hell yeah, I do!”  

cakeLoved the simple cake, too!  Not that we stayed for it … the heat had gotten to us after the day’s travels and we made a fairly quick exit.

renea And here’s the lovely and happy mother-of-the-bride.  Congrats congrats congrats!!!

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carmar76 said...

oh my, her dress was gorgeous!!!