Saturday, September 04, 2010

Give a guy a camera, and this is what you get.

Someone had to go to Anchorage on a business trip last week.  Not me.  But I sent along the little half-broken point and shoot.  Here’s the result I downloaded when he got back home the other day.  Things that caught his interest.  Hmmmm.


Total Stranger at the Alaska State Fair.


A former church that is now a wine shop?


The Go Away Bear.

Oh, and CARS:

 P1050031 P1050032 P1050033 P1050034


The whale mural

 P1050043 Bear on a building.

 P1050045 P1050046

Belly dancers!





Dog in truck.   And AIRPLANES.

P1050053 P1050054   P1050057


carmar76 said...

I like! Especially the Go Away bear. : ) And the giant bear on a building. Too cute!!

Boxer said...

Kind of looks like Seattle, but I think our scenery is far better. But that cold damp foggy stuff? Welcome to October to May. I think that Belly Dancer was in our 4h of July parade.

Very fun thing to do; send him with a camera. I love the randomness of it and I've never been to Alaska so it was fun to see.