Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glee Adoration Society – Britney Week!

It’s a Britney Spears Sex Riot!!!!!


Britney!  Beautiful, but looking age 30-ish, I have to say!


John Stamos as Dentist Carl (love interest of Emma) treats everyone to some nitrous oxide while listening to Britney on Pandora, so they all have their own Britney fantasies.


Rachel as naughty school girl.


Britney as Cheerio, with Brittany, who did a fantastic job on her singing and dancing.  “Finn can fly?”


Artie gets to suit up and Finn gets back on the team.


Rachel decides to trust Finn’s decision to go back to football.


Sue Sylvester not happy at the pep assembly.  She had previously caught this guy naked in the library obsessing over Rachel as Britney.


He left a naked sweaty butt stain on her chair.


Mr. Schu tries to loosen up and performs with the kids in an attempt to impress Emma (who can now mix green grapes and red grapes in the same bowl!)


Sue suffers a neck injury in the sex riot and plans on suing.


Sterling was highly amused.  Was it the best Glee episode?  No.  But still delicious.


carmar76 said...

teeheehee! thanks for the screen shots, that's priceless! can't wait to watch tomorrow!! : )

moi said...

Heather Morris is an incredible dancer, and I'm so glad they spotlighted her last night. She's also hysterical as Brittany.

Alas, poor Britney Spears. I've never been much of a fan, although I do give her props for some catchy tunes. She looked a little rode hard last night—Britney's 30 is the new 40. Over all, I think her life is still turmoil, and rumors abound that her behavior is as whack-a-doodle as ever. I feel for her kids . . .

Pam said...

Carmy: Very fun show.

Moi: Yes, she is -- I'm glad she got a break out moment! I didn't have my camera ready (or decide to use the camera) when she was doing those opening numbers or I'd have posted them here. Britney is fine, I'm not a huge fan either, but my concern for her is that she will always be that *young* girl in the minds of her lecherous male fans ....