Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Review!

Okay Snarkers, are we snarking on Glee, or loving on Glee, or whatever it is we do about this show?

Things I loved last night: The new football coach. Coach Bieste. If she isn't a Beula Ballbricker from Porky's, I don't know who is!!!! More than enough ammunition for Sue Sylvester. Didn't you love how she left the donut on the table as bait? And the one Cheerio with definite tendencies was recruited for inappropriate touching charges? Sue is a Genius. Genius, I tell you!

Will was recruited also, but came to his better senses. He really is too good to be true.

Now, over to Finn. I want to adopt this boy (or grown man playing him) ... he is too adorable. He's bumped as QB by the new blonde haired cutie, after Coach Bieste throws him off the team for trying to get Artie on the team.

Rachel tries to sabotage the new foreign exchange student, Sunshine, who sings like a dream. Professional jealousy passed off as caring for the club members. No, she doesn't want any competition for the spotlight!!!!

This season looks to have lots of potential. Snark away, anyone wanting to revel in the glory that is GLEE!
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moi said...

I was worried that all the attention paid to this show and its cast members over the break (including the reports of Lea Michele's prima dona tendencies, boo) would take the fresh off the peach. But last night's show was great. Could there be a better match up than Sue Sylvester and Coach Bieste? "That doesn't make any sense." Bwahahahahaha!

However, I would like to NOT see them add more hip hop to their oeuvre. One of the things I liked best about the show last year was the way it spotlighted the broad spectrum of American pop music both past and present as a vehicle for conveying the sturm und drang of adolescence and adolescent emotions. Yes, I know hip hop is considered an American art form. Yes, I know pop music has always been, to an extent, about shocking the status quo, and I think that's great (says the ex punk rocker). But I can only view this virus with disdain for the way it has so thoroughly infected world culture, yet the message remains boring and repetitive at best, smug and nasty at worst.

Pam said...

Moi, am hoping that there is at least another season or two of fresh Glee, before the formula plays out. Of course, being high school, the kids will need to move on and new kids come in, which could work or could kill the whole thing. But they know what is working (Sue Sylvester) and I hope they don't over-play that either. We don't want an "Erkle" thing going on -- where the one character starts running the whole show.

Re the hip-hop. Hmmmm, a little is called for probably. What I have loved also is the unexpected and obscure tracks. Remember when rap was brand new as a music form? Clever lyrics telling the story? Sigh.

Boxer said...

as Moi said, I was also worried it would be become a caricature of itself, but I was happy to see it's the same old fabulous GLEE. Bwahahaha to your comment about Beula Ballbricker. Porky's was a "great" movie.

I IMBD'd the actress (although Mr. Boxer thought she was a he at first) to see her previous gigs.

The whole breast implant dialouge had me laughing so hard I missed some of the lines.

Didn't love the hip/hop song NOR the costumes. They looked like rejects from some Theme Park performers.

Thanks for hosting Pam. I'll be back for PR.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Ooooh can't read, mustn't read, have it DVR'd!!