Friday, September 17, 2010

The Great State Fair of Ok-la-homa ….

(There’s a tune that goes with that line, in case you didn’t know) ….

What I did with my furlough day this month.  We went to the State Fair!   Friday noontime, before the crowds show up after regular work hours and definitely NOT on a weekend.  Didn’t ride rides, just took pics.



Was halfway tempted but disgust overtook curiosity on the Chocolate Covered Bacon.


One treat that had potential and I might have to improvise on my own some evening …. Cookie Dough on a stick and then dipped in the chocolate fountain.  Oh yes, this has potential.

DSCN0871  DSCN0873

Bright sun didn’t allow me to see what I was taking pics of while aiming at the Space Needle, but I am really digging this second pic.  The poor ol’ Space Needle wasn’t running this year due to damage from the floods back in the summer.  It is a 1960’s icon.  Really hope they can save it.  Also not running this year was the monorail, which was supposed to be the “transportation of the future”.  Why isn’t anyone looking into this to get people downtown, I do not know.


Lucky bears are everywhere.

DSCN0875 DSCN0876  

Inside the Home Arts building --- needlepoint featuring legendary Okies, Gary England (local weatherguy) and Dr. Phil!

DSCN0879 DSCN0880

Also in this building and always a fave of mine – the Camp Fire dresses and Blue Bird vests.  Used to be a Blue Bird and/or Camp Fire Girl back in the day, but never made it to the long Indian dress stage.  Doesn’t mean I still don’t like to look at these things every year.


Strangely liking these other photos that came out dark for some reason.  Hmmmm, wonder how that happened.


 gun conceal

I might submit the pic above to the Lost Ogle for their yearly photo contest.  They take submissions of pics of all those classic State Fair moments, e.g., pregnant woman smoking; people too heavy to walk riding along in their scooters while eating funnel cakes… etc.  This isn’t a great photo, but the subject matter is classic --- Gun Conceal Handbags.  And let me tell you, these handbags were all leather and pretty doggone cute too.

Speaking of funnel cakes:  I admit to eating one-half of one today.  One corn dog and one-half a funnel cake.

The spousal unit?  Ate a Philly Cheesesteak the size of a small house.  Well, he says medium house.  Inside joke.



Boxer said...

hmmmm cookie dough on a stick.


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Looks like fun, we have been a couple of times. We may head down for Affair of the Heart as discussed, depends on funding!

Buzz Kill said...

I use to go to the New Jersey State Fair until they moved it 100 miles north. I liked seeing the crafr and food entries but hated the rides (carnies crep me out). And I told Heff the other day: if you didn't buy the Philly cheesesteak in Philly - it's not. Do they play Oklahoma on a continuous loop until your ears bleed? Bwahaha

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

It's not easy to conceal a PPK, in the average purse, much less haveing it hang right or for that matter making it comfortable to carry the extra 1½ lb. And if you want to add a few extra clips, there's even more weight. So pick that bag wisely.

Looks like fun, light crowds are always a bonus.

Kymical Reactions said...

yummy! My Favorite Fair Food? The roasted corn on the cob! Glad you had a good time. I love the Great State Fair of Ok-lahoma!