Sunday, September 05, 2010

How Not to Be Seen - Sterling Style

The pillows are a long story. They now live by the back door so as to keep little Sallycat away at night .... she sleeps in the house now and the boys sleep in the garage. However, Sally likes to wake up at 3AM and scratch at the back door to go out. Nuh-huh, Sally. Not with coyotes on the prowl. So we threw every pillow we could find by the door to create a barrier between Sally and the scratching. Sometimes it works.

But of course, once morning rolls around, and the boys come back in, someone else has taken up with the pillows. It is a great place to nap and ... pounce from.
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Aunty Belle said...

fergit it--cats is too wily--she'll never be content wif' the pillow barrier--heh!

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Now those are some very posh keep the cat back pillows lol!