Sunday, September 12, 2010

A trip to Sooner Nation

Went with Kymmie to see the OU/Florida State game down in Norman.  Hot day.  Lots of walking.  Loads of fun.  Outside the stadium?


Crazy Florida State boys.


Traditions begin … band takes the field, all the proper fight songs are played …



The band forms the famous block “OU” and marches down the field while playing Boomer Sooner!   Oh, how my dad would get so very prideful at the sight of that OU marching down the field.


The Ruf-Neks run the flags in front of the team as they take the field …


I was taking pics of the crowd and that’s when a co-worker named Jodi spotted me …. She’s the cute blonde looking at the camera in this pic below.


Sell-out crowd of over 85,000 people.  And for some karmic reason, our tickets end up being exactly next to Kymmie’s half sister and her step-mom.  Ten years ago, that would have been awkward.  Now, it is just … oh well!  This is her sister who is a high school senior this year.


The final score:



A good time was had by all!


carmar76 said...

Great pictures!! And I love it's a small world things like that. : )

fishy said...

Sooner sunburns!
I love good Mom and daughter days.
Glad y'all had a fine, winning day.

Limey said...

These are excellent photos! Boy, it makes me miss my alma mater!