Sunday, October 24, 2010

A band to watch for???

My super-cool London niece, Joanna, sent me a link that I thought I’d share.  Would love to hear super-cool Moi’s thoughts on this particular band.

They are These New Puritans” who recently played at the Barbican in London.  A recent article about them in The Guardian (UK Newspaper) is linked here:

Classical music with a modern twist?  Next generation art-band music?   It is all very new to me so I am still mulling it over!  Evidently, they are very buzz-worthy in the UK and Europe.

Here’s a link to their website and their sophomore album, called “Hidden.”

Anyway, so here’s the deal.  Super-cool niece Joanna is engaged to Tom.  We met Tom for the first time a couple of years ago when he came down to John’s mum’s house while we were in England.  At that time, he mentioned he had twin brothers who had a band.  Didn’t think much of it again until recently when I saw a post on Joanna’s Facebook page about a concert at the Barbican they went to see, and asked if it was Tom’s brothers’ band.  It was.

I am positive this music is not directed to my generation.  However, the old rocker wanna-be chick that lives inside is very excited for a group of kids like this making sounds that are disturbing and exciting some important folks in the music industry.

If The Guardian says you might have made the most important album of the year, that is high praise indeed.


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