Monday, October 04, 2010

Fall is finally in the air

This has been a year of icky sicky for me!  Especially this last week, when the Ragweed won and sent me to the doctor for a head full of the lurgies.  I was so bad, the doc even sent me home with a “note” so I wouldn’t have to go in to work until today.  Seriously, don’t you hate losing a week of your life to something as stupid as allergies or sinus infection?  At least it is the Fall now and hopefully we’ll get a frost soon to keep that damn stuff out.

So anyway, while I was home for most of the week in a comatose, drug-induced condition, I did wander outside to take a few pics.  The reason for the pics at the bottom.  But let’s start with these sweet Flutterby’s.





These little white daisy things are the teensiest, tiniest little wildflowers that grow in the yard this time of year.




In the rest of the garden, the Dahlias are on their last legs, but the mums are springing to life.


At the construction site next door, the guys who were laying the tile work were setting off pipe bombs.  Loud booms and trailing whistles woke me out of my drug-induced sleep and scared the daylights out of me.  Looked out the window and about 3 good Okie type guys are stomping out grass fires in that field behind the dirt mound.  In the dirt mound is a PVC pipe they were using to set off the fireworks.  So I went to grab the camera.  Got back and the little fires were out and the guys had disappeared inside the house.  Of course, I had to go investigate later and had a great result – inside that PVC pipe?  A great big firework bomb which was liberated.

The good news?  House next door finally nearing completion and hopefully the new owners will be moving in by end of the month.  I am ready for non-construction activities to be going on.  No blaring Mexican polkas at the crack of dawn, no roofers hammering until dark, no tractors grading dirt and kicking up dust for hours on end.  Me happy.

So that’s been my life for the last week.  Hope yours has been better!


Kymical Reactions said...

Glad I got to hang out with you yesterday. I love love love Mom-Kym days.

Hope you get feeling better soon, and I forgot to see your pipe bomb evidence. :)

Saturday - Secretariat. xoxo.

chickory said...

im about to have it. our neighbors in ATL sold their house and its a tear down. so construction will start in a few weeks. good i have a getaway! LOVED the butterflies especially the pale ultramarine one in the second photo. Feel better -V has fall allergies too.

moi said...

Pretty butterflies and beautiful mums! But those little pyros? Too bad you can't stick the liberated firework up their PVCs if you get my drift. Idiots.

Pam said...

Kymmie: Me looking forward to it.

Chickie: Oh dear, I feel for you. A tear-down too? Just stay at Chickory and don't go to ATL for a year. That's about how long it will take. These butterflies were just as tiny as the flowers.

Moi: I get your drift and I'm all for it. Why are some guys just idiots?