Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Night in the Big Town


Thus saieth our local Channel 9 weatherman, the one and only Gary England.

My Friday Night in the Big Town?  I watched this movie.  Wow oh wow.

girl dragon

Not for the squeamish or prudish.  An absolutely incredible detective style mystery story – in Swedish with English subtitles.  It was heaven for me – watching an engrossing movie while reading a novel all at the same time.  Wow, what a story.  Highly recommend.  Very adult.  Very adult.

freaks geeks

Then caught the last half of one of the episodes of Freaks & Geeks that is being replayed lately on some odd channel.  Was there a better series ever made?  I think NOT.  This show is a gold standard of what TV should be.  Tonight’s episode was the one where Lindsey makes out with the college student, the brother of her brother’s friend … son of the family dentist.  James Franco goes punk.  I swear – I knew every single one of these kids in school.  And yes, I have a little of the Lindsay in me.  Tough to be a smart girl back in those days.  Girls today just have no idea how far they can go.  And what life could be like for them if not for some strong willed bra-burners back in the ‘70’s.  So what do they do with it?  Go all Paris Hilton or Kardashian, that’s what.  Argh.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


moi said...

Glad to hear you liked Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I haven't seen the movie, but have read the first novel and am looking forward to the others as well as the movie. I wager Lisbeth Salander will go down as one of the all-time great avenging angel characters in literature. Certainly one of the most complexly written.

Oh, and the day Freaks and Geeks was canceled was one of the saddest in my television-addicted life.

Pam said...

Moi, I've been hearing about this movie but didn't realize it was part of a series of novels. And then! The drama and story surrounding those novels is very intruiging itself! I think I better go invest in this series! I can't imagine a Hollywood re-make. No one else will be Lisbeth to me than the girl in this movie. Interesting that the original title of the book is "Men Who Hate Women" ....