Tuesday, October 26, 2010

THE GLEE REPORT– Rocky Horror Episode


Best cameo EVER.   Will tries to get close to Emma, who is now closer than ever to Carl (John Stamos) … by trying to out-Rocky Horror them and decides to produce a show with Glee Club members.


Stupid Will, doesn’t suspect Sue’s support.  Duh.


You knew it would happen, John Stamos starts performing.  He’s the new Eddie of the show.


A surprise Frankenfurter!  Best voice of the whole show, I swear.


Will decides he should play Rocky, so he enlists Emma to help with the lines.


Britanny and Santana do a bit of spying…


Ahem.   Ahem.  Cough.  Cough.


Kurt = best casting


Quinn – adorable as Magenta.

In the end, Will decides to go along with Sue and pulls the show, thinking the themes are too adult for high school kids.  I am so glad the show went this route, because …. it is true.  It is too adult for high school kids.  But I bet there were plenty of them sitting at home tonight watching Glee!   I missed pics of Finn walking the hall in his boxers, and Sam in his gold shorts.  It was a bare-chested night on Glee.

Snark away, snarkers.  The Glee Report awaits.


carmar76 said...

ohhh! i so hope my computer will let me watch it tomorrow! : )

rocky horror is definitely not for high schoolers. oye! (but as a college student, i loved it...still do many years later!)

moi said...

With the exception of the surprise Frankenfurter (girl can SING!), I mostly hated this episode. Because, as I've said before, this show is best when it uses pop music as a way to spotlight the emotional roller coaster ride of the universal high school experience. It's moved away from that and has become a victim of its overblown press. Since the musical was pulled eventually, what in the hell was the reason for the episode to begin with? Stupid, stupid.

Pam said...

Carmy, hope you got to watch.

Moi: Well, it was a *theme* show, and a gay one at that, so no surprise how it went. I still liked it. Probably has the rest of this season to put things right before I give up on it. And pretty soon, these *kids* won't be able to pull off being high schoolers! I have a feeling the gay themes are going to get stronger. However, I didn't mind seeing Mr. Schu without his shirt.