Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An interesting day!

Excitement #1 -- EARTHQUAKE!  A door rattler and building shaker!  Wow, I must admit being very shook up, no pun intended, after Oklahoma was hit with a 5.1 earthquake this morning.

Excitement #2 -- TV celebrities at the office!  Look for a Dateline segment on a former State official and his own personal tragedy.  I blogged about it before -- a movie that was filmed up at the office detailing his story of how he survived a home invasion where his parents were killed.  Keith Morrison from Dateline was in the building!  Where was my camera?  At home on the shelf.

Excitement #3 -- I jogged.  Sort of!  Pam-jogged.  Almost the whole way around the neighborhood.  Am very jazzed!

Excitement #4 -- the grass is in at the new house next door.  Hopefully that means neighbors soon and the exodus of the building crews.  I hope!

Excitement #5 -- The Miners!   How incredible were those rescues?  I can't tell you how often I cried my eyes out as these rescues played out all day.  Not that was able to watch them all, but I saw the first two and the last five, plus the rescue of the rescuers.  The guy who is the President of Chile?  OMG, have you ever seen a more genuinely happy person?  That smile was lighting up the night.  God bless the miners, I hope they can lead normal lives now!

Did I mention we had an earthquake today?


carmar76 said...

goodness, an earthquake?! did you remember to get in a doorway?

moi said...

We had an earthquake at our first house about 12 years ago. I was sitting outside early morning with my coffee and the ground shifted underneath me like some giant hand was shaking a snow globe. Freaked me out for the entire day. S.B., who used to live in CA, was singularly nonplussed.

Did I read that you jogged? That's AWESOME! Keep going! But, baby steps. Don't burn out or get hurt.

Pam said...

Carmy, no it was over too quick and besides -- the doors were rattling also. I guess our earthquakes aren't as deep and therefore felt over a wider area.

Moi: Absolutely freaked all day. I know a couple of people who had motion sickness after! And let me say that a Pam-jog is nothing close to a Moi-jog. More like a shuffle. Ha.

Karl said...

Good morning Pam,

In 1978 I was diving out of a bell just off the coast of California. The Santa Barbara Earthquake happened at the same time of the dive. The waves generated by the quake caused the diving bell to bounce up and down on the bottom. The diving supervisor ordered me back to the bell to abort the dive, but I couldn't get back in for fear of being crushed. After a few minutes the waves subsided and it was like nothing happened. Although we did have to abort the dive to inspect the bell and the other equipment for damages. I can tell you it was a ton of fun.

Good for you on the Pam-jog! The important part is getting out there and doing it.

fishy said...

I wonder if the "Pam-Jog" is similar to my "Brisky-Fishy" exercise. I sooo
agree with the others: however we do this, the doing is the main thing.

Earth Shakes definitely set off my fight or flight response! Here in the Carolinas lies one of the largest fault lines on the continent. I'm told there is daily seismic activity but you would never know it. Thank God. I once experienced a smallish quake while traveling in Mexico and was just paralyzed with indecision. Go? Stay? I think I selected the vodka option.

Grass on a construction site is really good news. Now you can open your windows and breathe something besides dirt.

Hope Earth stands still for you today!

Pam said...

Karl: #1, I would never be under the water. Of all phobias, that is probably my worst! Give me a good old fashioned tornado, at least you can see it coming and take shelter.

Fishy: Brisky Fishy is probably much quicker than a Pam-Jog. We walk a lot but it was def. time to step things up somehow, somewhere. The vodka option is a possibility.

Buzz Kill said...

I've only been in one earthquake in my life - the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. I was in Oakland at the time and could see waves of water 10 feet tall sloshing out of the hotel pool at the end. I wouldn't want to be under water like Karl for one of these babies. It's one of the reasons I like the flat, solid ground in Jersey.