Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Best Buddy Movie

(Sorry am late getting this up today, but dang if it hasn’t been strange around here lately…)


Maybe not the best buddy movie, but one we enjoyed quite a lot way back when.  I figured it was obscure enough that no one else would blog-jinx me with it!

Featuring a very young and cute Kevin Costner, here’s Fandango.  The buddies go on a road trip before one of them ships out to Viet Nam (as I recall).   In fact, we need to just pick this up out of a bargain bin somewhere and re-watch.


And thanks to MRM aka Crownie for continue to be the Host with the Most!


Milk River Madman said...

I might have to watch this to see Glenne Headly in her youth.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

I haven't seen it, if you take it back to 1977, looks to me like I lived a healthy chunk of it.

Hope your clip day is going well.

moi said...

Wow, talk about something from the "vaults"! This used to play quite a bit on cable, so I've seen it in bits and pieces, but never all the way through. I need to remedy that. Happy MCW!

K9 said...

this looks like fun. and recently i saw kevin costner in mr brooks -where he is old and deadly. really cool movie. i'll have to look for this at the rebel's pantry/ grrrherhaha

Pam said...

MRM: Didn't realize Glenne Headley was in it! Must re-watch!

Karl: Now there are some stories waiting to be told.

Moi: Yes, it used to be on HBO all the time ... worth a re-watch.

Barkydog: I think ol' Kevin has some staying power .... I bet he will keep turning up. And I don't think he has any scandals following him, does he? Ala Charlie Sheen, Mel, or Tom Cruise?

Buzz Kill said...

I've never seen this all the way through but it looks like your typical roadtrip buddy movie. I'll have to revisit it agian if I ever get the opportunity.

Happy MCW!

Joanna Cake said...

I always had a thing for Kevin Costner but I've not seen this one! And, as MRM says, Glenne Headly is so pretty.