Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday – Favorite Black & White Movie


My obvious choice was Casablanca.  The second obvious choice was this one.  I love this movie!  I remember seeing it for the first time when it came out in 1964.  We were vacationing in West Virginia visiting my aunt & uncle, who had 3 boys.  So of course, after the movie, the 3 cousins and my brother became “The Beatles”.  And cousin Roger is still drumming to this day (Roger/Ringo, go figure) ….   Sister Carole and I were assigned the role of “Screaming Teenagers” and had to chase the boys through the house.  Tennis rackets as guitars.   The best vacation we ever had!  

All hail the 4 skinny lads from Liverpool!


Pam said...

Seems like I might have used this same movie previously, but can't remember now! Anyway, Beatlemania forever!

Milk River Madman said...

Still all my all time favorite group. Makes me want to put my ipod on and go to Beatles 1 and call it a night. Autopost worked great.

moi said...

Man, I developed such a crush on these guys when I first saw this as a kid! I was just saying to S.B. the other day that it's easy to take the Beatles for granted and forget how brilliant they really are.

Karl said...

Good evening Pam,

They always gave me the impression of fine talents, that made it big and went over the top. I truly enjoy their early work, not so much the later stuff.

Happy clip day!

K9 said...

Another one i havent seen. but i think i remember that i hate beatles movies. Better to spin some old vinyl and listen. I was inoculated with anti-beatlemania serum at a young age so..you cant go by me.

Im up this week. my entry is Here

Boxer said...

Mr. Boxer and I just watched this recently and I was struck (all over again) at what an amazing movie it is. Not because everyone says it's great but because ... it is great.

Did you like GLEE? Soooo much better than last week. Please say you're not too bizzy for Project Runway tomorrow!

Buzz Kill said...

I like all of the Beatles movies except yellow Submarine. I tried to get my kids to watch Hard Days Night and they said they were bored with it. CGI has dulled their senses.

Happy MCW!

Pam said...

MRM: Yep, still a fave. Especially this early stuff.

Moi: Brilliant indeed. I think these "kids today" don't realize how they changed everything -- hairstyles, clothing styles, shoe styles, let alone the music.

Karl: Some appreciation is better than none!

K9 Woofy! You are back! I had a discussion today with a work friend about those old zombie movies you used to see in a triple feature at the theater on a Saturday afternoon. I'm with you on being scared going home even in the daylight, and probably why I don't watch horror movies now!

Boxie: AHDN is great indeed. Very artsy, I think! And I just put up a quick Glee post. PR should be fine for tomorrow night, might run a bit late but think I can swing it!

Aunty Belle said...

Ha!why of course--what else would a married-to -a Brit-Girl post?? very clevah, PamOKC.