Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Quick Glee Report

Grilled Cheesus.  Finn grills a sandwich and gets a Jesus.  Things go his way.  But not Kurt's dad's way, who ends up in the hospital with a heart attack.  Songs go spiritual.  Most poignant?  Kurt singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand."  (sniffles)   And sorry, but I had to fast forward through Rachel and Papa Can You Hear Me.  Not the best episode, but ... poignant.  Yeah.  That's the word.


carmar76 said...

This ep really hit home for me, teeears because it reminded me of my dad being in the hospital and stuff. I think they handled the whole spirituality thing rather well, w/ everyone having different beliefs and trying to understand and respect each other's... Even Sue! I second you on the Rachel song. Her bangs bother me, too.

moi said...

Loved the convo between Sue Sylvester and Emma. Very thoughtful. Joan Osborne's "One of Us" is one of my all time favorite songs and they did it reasonable justice. But Papa Can You Hear Me was cringe worthy and I skipped, too.

I'm finding the show is flailing somewhat. Boxer sent me an email with some good observations; I hope she posts here.

Aunty Belle said...

I'se utterly lost. WHAT is Glee?

Boxer said...

Here are my thoughts; last year the show averaged 3 songs per show and each one charted immediately. This means $$$ to everyone involved in the show. This year (and towards the end of last year) they are singing closer to 7, sometimes more. This means, less writing and more production and I think it's diluting the entire show. I miss the great dialogue and the quality of songs/set design. I liked this week better than last week but it's missing the energy of last year. I wish the scene with Sue and the counselor was longer. Same as Sue and her sister. Still, I hope it ignites conversations in families about faith (and lack of faith) and what that means to young people. "Poppa Can you Hear Me" was contrive and a perfect example of what's WRONG with this season. It was forced. Bah.

Thanks for allowing me to snark.