Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Glee Report


Duets …. whoever wins a duet competition gets a free dinner at Breadsticks.  Drama ensues.  Kurt is after new boy Sam.  Finn intervenes.  Sam is crushing on Quinn.  She’s confused.  Rachel and Finn decide to “throw” the competition so that new boy Sam feels good about Glee Club.  Santana drops Brittany and so she makes a move on Artie.  

Best scene?  The ending where Brittany nudges the meatball with her nose ala Lady and the Tramp.  Her character getting more complex all the time.

When I had to change the channel:  Kurt’s Victor/Victoria moment.

Lea Michele taking herself too seriously moment:  Wearing a sailor collar in the ending number ala early Barbra.  She’s good, but she ain’t that good.


Boxer said...

My cringe worthy moment was the last two minutes. I'm so sick of Lea Michele and her Barbara Streisand Fetish. WTF? None of it made sense. I didn't mind Kurt's song and his conversation with his Father was worth watching tonight. I have to agree about the scene with Brittany along with her meatball.. it was the best. I still believe it's television worthy of watching, but it's not like last year. Two weeks until ROCKY HORROR?? Brilliant!!!!

moi said...

I loved the energy of the "Sing!" duet but that was about it. Too many songs, as Boxer says, and not enough storyline. And Chord Overstreet as Sam reminds me of what Brangelina's birth children will grow up to look like—sort of creepily lush and overblown.