Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Big News

Guess who is having one of these?   I’ve been waiting to make an announcement until she was ready …..  but have a look over on the Kymster’s page for more details!
P.S.  Just call me Grammy!


carmar76 said...

Congratulations!!! I left a congrats at Kymmie's blog as well. : )

Buzz Kill said...

How did you get a picture already? Grammies usually post the ultra-sounds first. Congrats on soon becoming a grandparent. Let that sink in for a fewe minutes. Bwahahaha

moi said...

Congrats! You're going to make one rockin' grandmom!

fishy said...

How perfectly wonderful! Is there any present on Earth better than a new person to love?

Have you started humming
nursery rhymes yet?